Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Real Flat Earthers

Before beginning the main theme of this post let me get this disclosure out of the way to any liberal that would misstate my position.   I am against pollution and I am in favor of keeping the earth and air as clean as possible.  I want clean air and clean water and a beautiful environment like most Americans do.  While saying that, I am also in favor of using one's common sense and therefore, I am against using unproven theories in a demagogic way to make policy that would have the effect of destroying the American economy, and doing so in a way that would not improve the situation that those demagogs have called dire, one iota.

Note:  In this post I call those who are talking about man made global warming/climate change as being on the left.  I acknowledge there are some conservatives who agree with those claims, but for the most part [recently] it is the left who are making the most outrageous claims [and calling for the actions needed because of those claims].

At the State of the Union address, president Barack Obama gave his most emphatic statement of the whole address when he declared [in what Charles Krauthammer would call "the heighth of arrogance"]: 'The debate is settled, climate change is a fact!"

That was king Barack's most definitive statement since, "If you like your health insurance, you will get to keep your health insurance, period!"

Then you have the Secretary of State, John Kerry, in stunning demagogic rhetoric doubling down on Barack Obama's arrogance by declaring that climate change is another weapon of mass destruction, and indeed "the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction."

One curious note: when searching on U-Tube to find a video where Kerry didn't just call climate change a weapon of mass destruction but also "the most fearsome weapon" I could only find this video from the Fox News Channel.  Videos from the mainstream didn't put in their videos the second weird statement from John Kerry.  Interesting.

Move over Joe Biden, your 'kooky statement' supremacy is being severely challenged.  When you have the secretary of state implying that snowstorms in New York City in the winter are more threatening and damaging to the national security than an atomic weapon exploding in New York City at any time, then we are dealing with a problem of clear headed thinking, in my opinion.

George Will on Sunday's Fox News Sunday brilliantly put it this way: "when anyone says that the debate is over [the debate on climate change] then you can be sure that the debate is raging and those saying the debate is over are losing the debate."

David Gregory the host of Meet the Press on Sunday Feb. 16, 2014 took much of his show repeating Barack Obama's claim of climate change.  In fact, David Gregory said more than once [in an effort to support his buddy Obama] that there was a consensus of climate change and that is not in doubt.

I agree there is no doubt of climate change either, it changes from winter to spring to summer to fall.  Vivaldi knew all about climate change in 1723 when he called the change what it is, "The Four Seasons."  I have never seen so much hyperbole about there being snowstorms in the winter [horrors] and the reason is because of climate change, as I saw on the Sunday political talk shows [Feb. 16].

Also, let's not kid ourselves.  When a liberal talks about climate change, whether stated or not, they are talking about man made climate change.  If that wasn't the case, then why would they bring it up as a situation that must be dealt with [changed].  If they don't mean "man made" climate change when they are talking about it, then how can they imply that man can take actions to solve the problem they perceive.  It would be like bringing up the fact that it is raining a lot in a certain part of the country and that is a problem that needs fixing by man, and then devote most of the Sunday talk shows talking about the actions America needs to do to stop the rain.

What is more disturbing then the president arrogantly announcing that the debate is over, it is settled, is what that implies for those who disagree with the president.  They must, by disagreeing, be flat earthers, deniers, Neanderthals, and anti-science.

Many years ago global warming gave way to an "upcoming new ice age" talk in the early 70's, back to global warming in the 1980's and really advanced by Al Gore [winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for his global warming warnings and his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth"], and now that has given way to "climate change".  So, by using the left's own rhetoric, can we now say that those in the past who have warned of an upcoming new ice age and of global warming as flat earthers, deniers, Neanderthal anti-science extremists.

Ah, I think the left has finally come up with a term they can hang on to, damn whether it is true or not--climate change.  Then any severe climate event, snowstorms, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes can be attributed to climate change and climate change that is man made.  If it's cold outside it's do to climate change.  If it's hot outside-climate change.  If it is normal outside- climate change.  So, then if you say you don't believe in climate change, then you must be saying you don't believe in the weather event that is happening.  Yes, I have to give the left credit for finally stumbling onto a term that cannot possibly be disproved.

The only problem is that weather events, indeed severe weather events, that many call proof of climate change, have been going on... since the beginning of time.  But you see that is a big problem for those who claim that "climate change" is man caused and therefore only a man made action can undo climate change.  To acknowledge that climate change has been around forever would logically make it an inconvenient truth that it is God and not man who is responsible for weather events.   Or for atheists, while not saying God is responsible for the severe weather event, I think they would acknowledge that it is not man caused.

Call me crazy but it is my belief that man cannot trump God.

I proudly state that I am a "man-caused global warming/climate change" denier, and I feel those making the claims of climate change are the real flat earthers.


bradley said...

Very well thought out and sure to offend only those on the extreme off the wall left!
The embarrasing embellishment and idiocy of al gores statement was well put by you. As a moderate independent thinking American , it offends me when the far left forgets ( or intends to not use) commen sense must trump our political bias in the world of

bradley said...

.... science and nature.

Big Mike said...

Amen and well stated Bradley!

s. beckman said...

Whenever liberals decide that something is man made and that the solution requires a man made solution, it is always code for testing the waters for a new tax on something or a new regulation that neither helps or solves the problem. Whenever man tries to improve on God's perfection, will always fail. You cannot improve on what God has done. He has set the standard and is the standard. Man is and always will be a step behind the master. Man's wisdom is but foolishness to God. We keep him laughing.
Ms. B.

Big Mike said...

I love it Mrs B!!! Then again if I didn't love it do you think I would be foolish enough to say? :-))). BTW. Where did that Ms B come from 😊