Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank You ADL For Speaking Out On Behalf of Israel

Taking a stand for Israel
There have been numerous times on this blog where I have been very critical of the major Jewish organizations for seeming to have turned into a spokesman for this president and administration over the best interests of Israel and for failure to speak out when there is hate speech being spewed at conservatives by liberals.  So, I would be a hypocrite, like I have accused them many times, if I don't praise them when they take a gutsy stand on behalf of Israel, and being critical of a member of this administration.

So, unlike Marc Anthony, today I come to praise the ADL not to bury it.  Yes, the ADL has seen, like many of us who support the state of Israel, that John Kerry's remarks to Israel would give the haters of that state an excuse to boycott it.

This from the Blaze: "The Anti-Defamation League says that Secretary of State John Kerry’s suggestion that Israel will face more boycotts if it does not accept the peace framework he is proposing will “create a reality of its own” and make boycotts of the Jewish state more likely."

Abraham Foxman
Abraham Foxman, the long time president of the ADL, stated in an  open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry: "“Describing the potential for expanded boycotts of Israel makes it more, not less, likely that the talks will not succeed; makes it more, not less, likely that Israel will be blamed if the talks fail; and more, not less, likely that boycotts will ensue."  

Mr. Foxman continued, later in the article on the Blaze: "Foxman asserted that the “core of the conflict was and remains Palestinian unwillingness to accept Israel’s legitimacy and permanence as a Jewish state” which is why the Palestinians time after time have rejected various proposed peace plans with Israel."

God Bless the ADL and God Bless Abraham Foxman for its strong support for Israel in this situation.  Thank you for speaking out!    You can follow the ADL on twitter @ADL_National

You can visit the ADL's web site here

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