Thursday, February 6, 2014

Smidgen Equals Period, Period!

The 2013 politifact lie of the year: If you like your health insurance plan you can keep your health insurance plan, period!  The emphatic stamp of "period" at the end of the sentence left no spinning wiggle room for president Obama. So, it indeed made that statement indisputably the lie of the year. [probably could have gone higher than year-decade? century? beginning of time?]

Well most pundits were thinking that president Barack Obama would never be that stupid to ever make such a declarative sentence anymore, ending it with the word period.  They might be right.  President Obama has come up with a new declarative word to cement a lie with.

Smidgen.  That's the ticket.  In the uncomfortable interview president Obama had with Bill O'Reilly at the White House on Super Bowl Sunday, O'Reilly asked the president about corruption at the IRS, because of their targeting conservative groups and conservative individuals and those opposed to president Obama's policies for scrutiny.  Bill O'Reilly asked  the president if that showed there was mass corruption at the IRS.  "Mass corruption?", replied Obama quizzically.  "There is not any, not even a smidgen of corruption."

Well, besides the arrogant, despicable dismissive nature by president Obama regarding Americans being targeted by the IRS, I think we have found the early contender for the politifact lie of the year for 2014.  That declarative 'smidgen' put a stamp on that sentence that makes it impossible again for president Obama to spin out of.   Smidgen is Obama's new Period! 

Let's see how easily they can be used interchangeably whenever needed by the liar-in-chief:
There is not a smidgen of a chance you will lose your health insurance!
There is no corruption at the IRS, period!

See, how easy that was.  Who said this president isn't a brilliant wordsmith?

Hmm, it will be interesting to see what word this guy comes up with in 2015 to retain his liar of the year supremacy.

Gold Medal Winner In Liar Competition: 2013 = Period!  2014 = Smidgen! 
2015 = Lame Duck


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure President Lyin King cares anymore whether anyone thinks he's being truthful. His minions will echo his statements, no matter how fabulous they are. But the facts are not on his side, so he has nothing left other than spout fables and fantasies, whether it is "not a smidgen of scandal" at the IRS or 9 million signing up for ObamaCare, or not trying to cover up Benghazi with tales about a video.

Big Mike said...

I agree with you DB, he could care less, but his lie telling people they could keep their insurance has really damaged his credibility and finally resulted in a lower job and personal approval. If it finally sinks into the people about his IRS lies, that will be another blow to his approval, which should result positively for GOP fortunes in 2014 and hopefully 2016. Thanks DB!