Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Michelle Malkin Accepts The Mantle From Andrew Breitbart

Michelle Malkin

On March 1, 2012 America lost a great patriot, Andrew Breitbart, as he was taken back to God in heaven.  It was especially heart breaking to conservatives who loved Andrew like a brother.  Conservatives all over America vowed to not let Andrew's legacy of being a one man wrecking crew who took on liberal hypocrisy, end in vain.  From that point forward we united to "all be Andrew Breitbart's" and try the best we could to continue his work and make him proud. 

There has been one great American patriot that has stood above all, and I believe now has captured that mantle from Andrew Breitbart.  That patriot is Michelle Malkin.  Michelle has always been a strong advocate of conservative ideals and traditional values and taking on the left at every turn.  Her web site Michelle Malkin has been one of the tops for conservatives to turn to.  On TV we have seen her for years being a stalwart of standing strong against the hypocrite mud slingers on the left.

But what has really made a huge difference in instantly knocking down the left's lies and hate speech is when Michelle Malkin started the web site, Twitchy in May of 2012.  This was a brilliantly conceived idea where this site would be a watch dog against the liberal hypocrites who used the social media vehicles of twitter and Face Book to spew their hate and hypocrisy against conservatives.  Twitchy not only instantly highlighted the bigots on the left, but it allowed conservatives to take on the haters of the left with immediate tweets of their own setting the liberals straight and not let the liberal lies gain any traction with the low information Americans.  I know Andrew Breitbart must be smiling down on Michelle Malkin and her web site twitchy in grand admiration.  It is said in classical music that Brahms first symphony could have been Beethoven's 10th symphony.  I say Twitchy could have been Andrew Breitbart's next great project.  Michelle Malkin, with twitchy is continuing Andrew's legacy. 

The latest example of twitchy.com being a watchdog catching the left in their hate against conservatives occured on Thursday Jan. 30, 2014 when the manager of the official vile network MSNBC twitter site displayed its racism by doing, as they always do, accusing the right of racism.  They tweeted that conservatives would have a problem with this great Cheerios Super Bowl ad because it featured a beautiful bi-racial family.  How outrageous.  These hate hypocrites at MSNBC make me sick.  It is those at MSNBC and many on the left who see every situation in terms of race, not conservatives.

This last bit of ugly hate speech from them was personally offensive to me and my family.  I am Jewish and my wife, Sheralyn, is a beautiful black Christian woman and we are so blessed to have a beautiful daughter Ebony who makes us proud every day with her kindness, integrity, and hard work ethic that she displays.  Those are qualities the idiots at MSNBC would not understand.  Sheralyn is a wonderful person, a strong pro-life conservative Republican.  To think that because she is a Christian conservative the vile idiots at MSNBC consider her  to be a racist is sickening.  I have always considered Sheralyn to be a special Mom as she cared with unbelievable love for our special needs child that we lost last May at the early age of 37.

So, as far as MSNBC now saying they are sorry and apologize, I say: Go to hell MSNBC.  Apology not accepted. 

My conservative Republican bi-racial family
Thank God for Michelle Malkin for being there with Twitchy as it immediately went into action to turn the tables on MSNBC by not just bringing out the hateful tweet from  MSNBC to show to the world [which resulted in the tweeter being fired], but in having bi-racial families send in the pictures of their families with the hashtag #MyConservativeBiRacialFamily.  The twitter world was deluged with beautiful loving  bi-racial families from conservatives that put the leftists to shame.

So, what started out as something that was very upsetting to all conservatives, and I think especially so for bi-racial families, was turned into something that gave us all a wonderful beautiful feeling in our hearts, as the whole world saw how many sweet loving conservative bi-racial families there are and how conservatives are actually the ones that display a great loving humanity, and it is the leftists who are the ones that are revealed for the hate monger hypocrites they are.

Thank you so much, and God Bless you Michelle Malkin for that.  You are a great patriot.  You are a great American. You are a loving person. 

Rest in peace in heaven, Andrew
the mantle being turned over in good hands

to this great patriotic American


bradley said...

well said. michelle always comes across as very analytical and very smart

Big Mike said...

Thanks Bradley!!

Anonymous said...

Michael, you not only speak from your heart, but you "walk the walk!"
The picture of your beautiful family shows how very wrong MSNBC is in making their "racist" statements!


Big Mike said...

Thanks Carla! I appreciate those kind words.