Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hugh Hewitt Deserves Major Credit For Repeal Of The Military COLA Cut

@radioblogger aka generalissimo aka Hugh Hewitt's radio producer [if Hugh had a radio producer] aka Duane Patterson, in the chat room in the Hughniverse on Tuesday, sent out a message that if the military COLA is restored, Hugh Hewitt deserves major credit, because he, more than any other conservative radio show talk host, was on this issue vigorously.  I agree with Duane and glad he reminded us listeners of the Hugh Hewitt show of that.

Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt not only talked about how dishonorable to our military veterans and recent retirees of the military the COLA cut was from the start [put in during the budget deal], he has talked about it on his show almost every single day since the cut took place. Hugh just didn't talk about the issue, but he had on congressman and senators to scold them for even putting in the cut in the budget deal and making them take a pledge that they would get that COLA restored to our military hero retirees.  Hugh Hewitt is a tremendous supporter of our military and the military veterans, and he was not going to let this issue go until it was resolved.

This from the Washington Post: "Shortly after passing a suspension of the limit on federal borrowing Wednesday, the Senate voted 95-3 to pass a bill restoring military retiree benefits that were cut last year, choosing to adopt the House's solution of extending automatic cuts to Medicare to accompany the pension increase."

Senator Lindsey Graham
With great help from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC,  and other great senators like Jeff Sessions, R-Al, they restored the COLA to the military retirees. 
Senator Graham came on Hugh Hewitt's show Tuesday night to tell Hugh and the listeners that they were working on a fix, and was sure they could get it done. Then after Lindsey Graham went back into the senate chambers, after about a half an hour, Lindsey called Hugh back with breaking news that it was 99% certain the fix to restore the COLA would happen and a vote on it would happen the next day.  Senator Graham kept his word as the senate in a 95-3 vote, repealed the COLA cut. Senator Graham came on Hugh's show last night to tell Hugh the good news thank him personally for his tenaciousness in spuring the congress to act.

God Bless Hugh Hewitt and God Bless all the veterans and those serving in the military now.

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