Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Presses Evasive President Obama

The Factor
I must admit, I was one who was very skeptical when I heard Bill O'Reilly was going to interview President Obama in the White house before the Super Bowl.  The reason is I knew he would be respectful to the man because he is president and you have to respect the office, but I thought being in the White House setting O'Reilly would succumb to the surroundings and be totally disarmed from his usual tough questioning he usually does on The O'Reilly Factor show.  Also, leading up to the interview Bill O'Reilly was talking on his show about questions he received from his viewers, and the ones he picked out to tell us about had nothing to do about Benghazi or the IRS or focus in on the many scandals of this White House.  I was upset thinking to myself, Bill O'Reilly, you say you are looking out for the folks but if you get this chance to interview the president and don't even mention Benghazi or the IRS you are not looking out for the folks as you claim.

I apologize in my thoughts about the interview.   Some may quibble O'Reilly could have even been tougher in his questions, but given the setting, the office and the short time of 10 minutes, O'Reilly did about as good a job as possible.  He did bring up Obamacare and Benghazi and the IRS and he tried to press the president with his non responsive answers to his questions.  Of course, the president was evasive and lied throughout the interview, but one can't say that O'Reilly didn't ask tough questions. 

You know O'Reilly did a good job when you had liberals complaining, like I did on twitter in tweets to me from this one liberal.  Most complaints were of the nature, "that was the wrong place and the wrong time to question the president on those issues."   I would reply back, "Oh, really, then you are saying the Super Bowl trumps questioning the president about Benghazi, where four Americans were killed."  Then of course, this liberal did what most liberals resort to, name calling [of me] and telling me how stupid I was.   When I see that hate speech, I ended the conversation, "oh, that's very liberal of you."

So, I am one to say thank you Bill O'Reilly, you did the best you could in the situation you were in and you were trying to "look out for the folks."

Here is Bill O'Reilly's interview with president Obama before the Super Bowl:


Anonymous said...

I't good to know
1) on ObamaCare, everyone is accountable, so no one is accountable.
2) the President feels repeated lying about Benghazi being caused by a video, is not a coverup.
3) Using the IRS to punish political opponents is not a scandal.

President Lyin King lives in an odd world.
Unfortunately it affects all of us. We get to pay for his illusions.

Big Mike said...

Yep DB. And remember when IRS first commented on- the lying King said he was outraged and the American people should be outraged. And then days later called it and other scandals- phony scandals.