Friday, February 28, 2014

Ben Shapiro: Profile In Greatness

Ben Shapiro, a lawyer and founder of The Truth Revolt  media watch dog web site and editor at large on  Breitbart News and host of a radio show, is one of the great young gun patriots who is fighting the extreme left at every turn with no holds barred rhetoric of truth and exposure of their anti capitalist, anti constitutional, and anti traditionalist views and policies.  Ben Shapiro is truly a great American patriot!

Ben Shapiro - Taking on the Anti-Semites
On Thursday night he was on the Kelly Files on the Fox News Channel, sub hosted by Shannon Bream.  He related how he took on the sickening anti Israel BDS [boycott, divestment, sanction] movement at his alma mater, UCLA.  Ben Shapiro said he was contacted by phone from one of his friends telling him of the vicious student reaction against Israel [and Jews] that was going at UCLA.  He immediately said he got out of bed and kissed his wife and one month old baby and he told her he had to get over there. 

That is where the following video came from where Ben Shapiro called the students favoring the anti Israel BDS and the anti Semitic rhetoric they were using, for what they really are: Anti Jews.

I called this post, Profile in Greatness.  By Ben Shapiro's brave action going directly into the lion's den and calling these people for what they are, I could have also called this post, Profile in Courage.

Ben Shapiro told Shannon Bream, this is not just UCLA that this anti-Israel, indeed anti-semitic BDS movement is present in.  It is going on in universities all over this country.  Think about that.  The supposed pillars of free speech and freedom, the colleges and universities calling for a boycott on the only democratic, free [including freedom of speech and religion] country in the Mid East.   How sick is that?

But with great patriots like Ben Shapiro, these university faculty and students that are participating in this anti-Israel movement are being exposed, confronted and defeated-with words, not violence [that the very people they support in the Mid East resort to against Israel].

Thank you and God Bless you Ben Shapiro for confronting the anti-Semites directly to their face.


s. beckman said...

This quote I pulled from Here I Raise My Ebenezer, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”
- Abraham Lincoln
I too thank this young man and I hope that the Republican Party will take heed to this wisdom and stand for something instead of rolling over for everything that the Democrats put forth. A Republican that votes with Democrats are equal to Democrats and do no good for the conservative cause.


Big Mike said...

Thank you for your great comments S Beckman --wait I know that name from somewhere-- Mrs. B!

Gary Wiram said...

Mrs. Big Mike: The Editor of Here I Raise My Ebenezer - says, Thanks for the reference.

Big Mike said...

and a great web site it is big Gary!