Tuesday, January 21, 2014

William Kristol: 2014 Will Be A Very Important Year On Two Fronts

William Kristol, editor at the Weekly Standard gave a very interesting interview on Monday [Jan. 20] in the first hour of the Hugh Hewitt radio show.  The interview mainly dealt with the Obama administration's deal with Iran, but also dealt with Obamacare and domestic politics.  Anyone who is a supporter of Israel, or even just a supporter of the national security of the United States, should listen to this important interview.

William Kristol
Bill, is a conservative but I don't think anyone can say he's an extremist.  He is probably more in line with Hugh Hewitt being center right to right on the political scale.  Some call him a neo-con in a derogatory way [as some libertarians do] as neo-con referring to Jewish conservatives [who may have been Democrats at one time] whose main issue is Israel.  Those who use the term in a derogatory way imply that the neo-con's loyalty lies with Israel and not the United States.  That is disgusting anti-Semitism.  If a neo-conservative is a Jew, who at one time was a Democrat but now is a conservative Republican, who is a strong supporter of Israel and also an advocate of using military strength when needed to maintain our national security, than you can call me a neo-conservative.  When Bill Kristol makes important comments about Israel and the Middle East in regards to the Obama administration he is not doing it as an extreme ideologue, but as a patriotic American who also cares deeply about the security of Israel.

In the following interview William Kristol displays a great concern of the weak Iran deal and says that ironically Obama's 'peace' deal with Iran may make it more likely that military action will be taken by Israel.  Bill said that is very sad and disappointing that many Democrats in congress, while in the past have said they are supporters of Israel, seem now to be "more interested in supporting president Obama than preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons."  One of the most devastating condemnation of this administration for supporters of Israel is when Bill said that if Israel takes military action against Iran, it is not clear that they can count on the United States [under Barack Obama] to support them.

William Kristol said that this year, 2014, will be crucial year on two fronts:  Israel making a decision whether to strike Iran [or take some action to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon], and in the fate of Obamacare.  I agree with Mr. Kristol.  2014 will be a defining year in American and Middle East history.  I pray the good guys win in both instances.

Hugh  Hewitt
I have obtained this audio by downloading the podcast from the Hughniverse and I recommend that everyone join the Hughniverse to be able to hear any podcast from the intelligent talk radio Hugh Hewitt show.  By joining the Hughniverse you have access to live U-Stream video and audio of the Hugh Hewitt show and also to the chat room where some very interesting chat is going on during and after the Hugh Hewitt show.

Also, to read the transcript of Hugh's interview with William Kristol, click here.

Hugh Hewitt interview with William Kristol:

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