Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Eve of Mozart's Birthday

As this classical musical weekend on the Tales is the eve of Mozart's birthday, this will be an all Mozart Tales special.  On Monday, January 27, classical music fans will celebrate the 258th birthday of the quintessential classical music composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

Today, Saturday, Tales picks out three of the Tales favorite Mozart pieces.  While there are so many great pieces of music from Mozart, one of my favorite composers, I will choose three different genres to display this genius greatness.  His great clarinet concerto in A-Major, the well known aria from his Magic Flute opera, "The Queen of the Night," and the delightful allegro movement from his 22nd Piano concerto.

My two favorite instruments have always been the piano and violin.  They were my favorite instruments until I heard Mozart's clarinet concerto in A-Major.  I became enthralled at the wonderful sweet soulful sound of the clarinet and amazed at its range [of low notes to high notes].  When I heard this wonderful concerto I put the clarinet right up there with the piano and violin as my favorite instruments.  In this concerto, for just two examples of the extreme range of sound, listen to the quick movement between low notes and high notes from 4:28-4:33 and 5:14-5:25.  I love this concerto, the greatest concerto ever written for the clarinet.

While the opera is not my favorite of genres, I still love many of the beautiful arias from many of the great operas. One of my favorite arias is the soprano aria from the Mozart's The Magic Flute called the Queen of the Night. It put a smile on my face the first time I heard it. This is Mozart.

When I first started loving classical music, the first piano concerto I heard was Mozart's piano concerto in E-flat Major. This is one of my favorites as it has a bright playful nature. I was really taken by the third movement allegro with it's fun theme. This is typical Mozart as he turns what seems like a simple theme into a wonderful masterpiece. The movement is developed like a trio with a slow minuet dividing the main theme. I think you will like this too.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy Mozart's birthday weekend eve with these three great pieces from Wolfgang Amadeus.

W.A. Mozart: Clarinet concerto in A-Major, Movement 3, Rondo:

W.A. Mozart: "Queen of the Night" aria from the opera "The Magic Flute":

W.A. Mozart: Piano Concerto #22 in E-Flat Major, Movement 3, Allegro:


Pamela said...

Well chosen clips. But, his operas are magnificent. I fell in love with them instantly after having seen Amadeus. One of the reasons I think Mozart's operatic works connect with audiences is because they are so very human … not overbearing, and even when serious they touch a human emotion. And of course, the melodic beauty is unsurpassed.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for the information Pamela!