Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Ultimate Romantic

There are many great composers of romantic piano music and then there is Fredrick Chopin.  This romantic composer, who I call Mr. Piano, is in a class by himself.  There is no better example of such romantic beauty than in Chopin's Larghetto movement from his 2nd piano concerto in F-minor.  Tales deems this a perfect piece for a Tales classical music slow peaceful Sunday.

Almost all of Chopin's compositions were for solo piano, so we are blessed that he broke the mold by composing this concerto for piano and orchestra.  While Chopin was the master at composing for the piano it is said that he is not very good at orchestration.  You can't tell that by me as this orchestration seems perfect to go along with the solo piano. 

Please turn up the volume, relax and enjoy this ultra beautiful romantic melodic slow movement from Fredrick Chopin's 2nd piano concerto.

F. Chopin: Piano Concerto #2 in F-minor, movement 2, Larghetto:


lynngg said...

Slow tempo for a Sunday morning. Good stuff.

Big Mike said...

Thanks big Lynn!

Pamela said...

Don't know the pianist but his trills are wonderful. Also, the piano itself fascinates me … don't know the maker but it has an "older" sound to it. Interesting articulation.

Big Mike said...

Pamela thanks for your comments... I see on You tube the pianist is Dang Thai Son on an 1849 Erard Piano. You probably know better than me of that piano maker. :-) Thanks.