Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tales Supports Senator John Cornyn For Re-Election

Before Tales, i.e., me, gets labeled a RINO, let me stipulate that Tales early on proudly endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in his primary against David Dewhurst.  We endorsed him when he was in single digits, and some people were laughing at his "Quixotic" dream to think he could get elected over Dewhurst.  And Tales proudly can state that we were the first blog Senator Ted Cruz put on his web site as 'blogs that supported' the great senator [at that time primary candidate].

I, along with other supporters of Senator Ted Cruz, was disappointed with Senator Cornyn for not supporting his fellow senator from his home state during Senator Cruz' remarkable 21 hour stand/filibuster on the U.S. Senate floor.  Saying that, I am not one calling Senator Cornyn a RINO because he went along with the minority's leadership in bucking Sen Cruz.  Senator Cornyn is not a RINO. 

Senator John Cornyn
Senator John Cornyn has been in almost every way a staunch conservative on domestic and foreign policy issues.  He is in every sense a true Republican and not a Republican in name only.  He is a good conservative.  I am convinced, if given a chance to dismantle Obamacare [when the GOP gains control of the US Senate along with the House] he will do so, and he will do so along side Senator Ted Cruz.

I do not support congressman Steve Stockman's effort to unseat Senator Cornyn.   I think a lot of pundits, like the respected conservative local talk show host Edd Hendee, consider Congressman Stockman to be somewhat of a loose canon.  Edd Hendee I believe has called Stockman a gadfly with a cavalier attitude toward his role as a congressman.   In 2006, he [Stockman] attempted to run as an independent candidate for Texas' 22nd congressional district, Tom Delay's former seat, but he failed to even gather enough signatures to be placed on the ballot.  Now he has been the representative for the 36th congressional district less than one year and he wants to take on Senator Cornyn in the primary.  Representative Stockman has also made some off the wall comments that during a general election could turn a sure GOP senate seat into a loss.  Conservatives and Republicans cannot take a chance of electing someone who could be another Todd Akin in waiting.  It would be a disaster and the height of folly to possibly throw away a certain GOP senate seat from Texas. 

The importance of keeping this seat Republican is crucial to having a chance for the GOP to win the senate.  We cannot let emotions overrun common sense.  Overall, Senator John Cornyn is a good conservative Republican, despite his not supporting Senator Ted Cruz during the filibuster.

Therefore, Tales, without reservation, strongly supports Senator John Cornyn for re-election to the U.S. Senate from the great state of Texas in 2014.


Dan Somerby said...

I have to disagree with your your premise when given a chance Senator Cornyn wil dismantle Obamacare. Have you forgotten back in September and October 2013, a long time ago I know, he failed to stand with Obamcare deunders Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. In fact as minoirty whip in the senate he whipped votes against Senator Cruz and in favor of Harry Reid. I do not know who I support yet, but after 2014 electiohn I ma afraid it wil be to late to dismantle Obamcare. Since it is taking full force now. The best example is entitlement reform Once given something we can not take away.
Dan Somerby

Big Mike said...

I disagreed with Sen Cornyn when he wouldn't stand with Cruz and Lee, but I am looking at his whole body of work, and know that he will win re-election if he wins the nomination. One thing I know for sure, if a Democrat won that seat we know they will not only not dismantle Obamacare but do everything to pour taxpayer money into it.