Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Senator Rand Paul Turns The Tables On David Gregory

Senator Rand Paul, R-KY
 I am not the biggest fan of Senator Rand Paul and I am not in favor of him winning the 2016 GOP nomination, but he had me stand up and cheering on Sunday's [Jan. 26, 2014] "Meet the Press" with host David Gregory.

Out of all the liberal Obama and Democrat sycophant shills on the Sunday news programs [excluding the one fair journalist, Chris Wallace from the Fox News Channel], David Gregory is the most annoying sycophant of all.  Gregory doesn't even attempt anymore to show a pretense of fairness in his one sided interviewing.

David Gregory, realizing the lame duck status of his number one idol Barack Obama, has now turned his attention in promoting Hillary Clinton as the next great Democrat hope who can walk on water.  Using the usual identity politics, David Gregory, when interviewing Senator Rand Paul, established a line of questions about the "war on women", of course, implying that it is the Republicans who have waged a war on women and the Democrats chivalrously coming to the women's rescue.  Gregory, of course, is using that rhetoric so that when [if] Hillary Clinton gets the nomination there will be a protective shield around her from any criticism of her by Republicans, lest they be criticized for attacking Hillary because she is a woman.

With the war on women scenario set up, David Gregory asked his final question to Senator Paul - the one he thought would be his "gotcha" question.  With his usual smirk on his face, David Gregory asked if it was proper for Senator Rand Paul's wife, Kelley, to make a comment [when talking about a possible Hillary Clinton candidacy] about Bill Clinton's "deplorable behavior" with Moncia Lewinsky.  [Hmm, that's funny.  The last I looked, Senator Rand Paul's wife is a woman-so wouldn't that make David Gregory an attacker of a woman?]

Senator Rand Paul, with his great response, revealed in a clear and concise way the total hypocrisy of the Democrats and their faux concern for women:

Mister smirk
David Gregory was set back on his heels not knowing how to respond to Paul's clarity.   Senator Paul had clearly turned the tables on Gregory.  His first comment to his next guest was, "before we talk about other matters, we can't let that comment [Senator Rand Paul's comment about Bill Clinton] stand without a response."  Wow, talk about being an obvious biased leftist Obama/Clinton sycophant that had just been checkmated.  You could tell David Gregory was stunned and flustered.

The effect Senator Rand Paul's comment had on Gregory was amazing as during the rest of the show, David Gregory never again mentioned the words, "the war on women".   

Bravo, Senator Rand Paul!  You have done what few mortals have been able to accomplish.

It will be a cold day in hell before the despicable David Gregory brings up the war on women phony issue to you anymore.  I think you have found the proper response that all Republicans should use when questioned about "their" war on women.

In an exclusive, Tales has learned from its ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, the words Hillary used in response to Senator Rand Paul's comments:  "What difference, at this point, does it make?"


Anonymous said...

Think GOP, Libertarians and Conservatives have to develop a response to these "Have you stopped beating your wife" class of question. Krauthammer's response that this was a bad answer, fails to acknowledge that the purpose of the question is that there are no good answers. I see no response better than the truth. Paul's attack with a truthful reminder of Bill's Predatory War-on-Women, and Hillary's role in covering and enabling him, is a good response.

In my sexual harassment training we were warned about getting sex frfom a position of power. I'd think today's liberals would be embarassed to endose this behavior, but apparently nothing embarasses them.

Big Mike said...

Exactly DB. I was really disappointed with Charles the great Krauthammer's response. If we don't point out the total hypocrisy of the Dems when they attack us for a war on women and that they really don't really give a damn about a "war on women" except to use it as a campaign issue, then we might as well give up. Because when Hillary gets elected we won't be able to criticize her on any issue because the Dems will scream the GOP is continuing their war on women. I am really tired of the left being able to falsely attack the GOP and the right pundits say, we better be careful how we respond, what language we use. Sheesh, if we can't stand for the truth, then why are we even in the fight.

Anonymous said...

Have to add:

We saw how Hillary reacted to Bimbo eruptions while Bill was President. How will she react when Bill is 1st spouse? Does a President need that on her plate?

Big Mike said...

Good point....but of course, to the political pundits on our side, were not supposed to even mention that--it might upset the left. Oh, boy!