Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Martha Raditz Gives Her Liberal Leanings Away

Journalist Martha Raditz of ABC News guest hosted George Stephanopoulos Sunday show This Week [Sunday - 1/12/2014].   Her first guest was former New York  Mayor Rudy Giuliani to talk about Chris Christi and "bridgegate" or as I have called it on twitter "Bridge over troubled Watergate." 

When Martha Raditz asked Mayor Giuliani on how could Chris Christie not possibly know about the bridge scandal, Rudy Giuliani said that he is a friend of Governor Christie and believes him [Christie] when he says that he did not know.  Rudy Guiliani then said that brings up the question on how could President Obama not possibly know about the IRS targeting conservative groups.  This is when Martha Raditz gave her non-objectivity and liberal political leanings away when she rolled her eyes and responded with a dismissive answer:  "But Governor Christie's bridge scandal is about traffic, it affects everyone."

Martha Raditz was implying that the "bridge over troubled Watergate" scandal was more important than the IRS targeting conservative groups in a Nixonian "enemies list" way, because they only targeted conservatives while the bridge scandal hurt everyone  [i.e., this one hurt even liberals-can't have that].

It is a scandal [and maybe even felonious] that, for vindictive reasons, some staff members working for Governor Christie created a traffic jam on the heavily traveled George Washington bridge. That was a proper topic to talk about.  But for Ms. Raditz to be so dismissive of the Obama administration's IRS scandal and not want to talk about that, let's you know the true liberal mindset of Martha Raditz. 

Can you imagine if Martha Raditz was host of This Week during the Watergate scandal, and if there was a bridgegate scandal involving a governor somewhere in the United States that Martha Raditz would wisk away a question about president Nixon knowing of an enemies list using the IRS to target liberals by saying, "that doesn't compare to bridgegate because bridgegate is about traffic and it involves everyone [not just the IRS targeting liberals]."  Even John Lenon wouldn't have put that "imagine" in his lyrics because no one would believe that could happen.

Yes, it was only a one sentence reply to a question put forth by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but her answer gave away any pretense of Martha Raditz being a fair and balanced journalist. 


Anonymous said...

The traffic cones are gone. The DOJ Civil Rights division "oversight" of the IRS is ongoing #DumpHolder

Big Mike said...

Yes, DB and there are still tea party groups that haven't yet got their tax exempt status from the IRS clarified.