Friday, January 24, 2014

Let's Step Back Before We Rush Into Legalization of Marijuana

There have been a lot of jokes recently made about pot smoking with the recent legalization of marijuana in both Colorado and Washington.  If the study cited near the bottom of this post is accurate, then this is really no laughing matter.

Legalization of marijuana seems to be catching steam in society led by a motley combination of liberals and libertarian conservatives.  I think we should all step back before we rush into the easy Cheech and Chong's  'Yeah, man lets legalize pot" syndrome. 

America has come a long way in reducing [by law and surgeon general warnings] cigarette smoking with it's recognized deleterious health effects.  Do we really want to introduce another smoking wave, this time with marijuana, and make it acceptable?  Would the warnings of danger to your health of not just smoking tobacco but of inhaling second hand smoke also apply to marijuana smoking?  What about the warnings against pregnant women smoking?  Will that apply to pot?  What about the law requiring the surgeon general warnings on the danger of smoking cigarettes; would a new law have to be established for the dangers of pot smoking be put on the labels of marijuana cartons?  Would the ban of advertisement of cigarette brands be applied to brands of marijuana?  What about the laws of driving while intoxicated-would new laws have to be enacted to apply to driving while high? 

After decades of warnings and congressional hearings and bans and laws regarding cigarette smoking, are you telling me we will legalize a product where we will basically have to start all over again with warnings and bans and congressional hearings on the deleterious effects of pot smoking?

In other words, will we legalize pot and then immediately start making government ads on why you shouldn't smoke it?

So, I ask whether in your individual state or as a nation, do we really want to rush into legalizing marijuana? 

Here is that recent  study done by the University of Washington's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute [this study was presented by the NCPIC].

It finds:
"Compared to tobacco cigarette smokers, people who smoke marijuana typically: 
Inhale more smoke (two-thirds larger puff volume); 
Inhale the smoke deeper into the lungs (one-third greater depth of inhalation); 
Hold the smoke in the lungs for longer time periods (up to four times longer). 

 This results in the lungs being exposed to
Greater amounts of carbon monoxide and other smoke irritants; 
Greater retention of tar in the respiratory tract. 
Both carbon monoxide and tar increase the risks of a range of health problems including respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and lung cancer"."

To read the entire article about the study click here

I can think of one side effect of pot smoking that the study by the University of Washington might have missed.  President Barack Obama has admitted that when he was a student in Hawaii he was a leading member of the Choom gang-a group of school skipping, joy riding, pot heads.  Obama admitted he was heavy into the pot smoking part.  So, does that admission by our president lead to this conclusion?   WARNING: Heavy pot smoking when you are young may make you lie as an adult.

President of the......Choom Gang


bradley said...

Regarding your last sentence, I think it's more like, being influenced by a Marxist father, and being an extreme left liberal socialist idealogue makes you lie!

Big Mike said...

Well I knew it was one or the other. :-)))