Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Income Inequality in America--I Would Hope So

The Democrats, with the president's demagogic lead, think they have found the issue to take the country's mind off the disaster known as Obamacare.  That issue, income inequality.

Income first hearing, one may think, that's not good.   But think about it.  The greatness of America comes from it's freedom that allows individuality.  Freedom to follow your dreams.  Individuals in this great free market, capitalist country will have as many different dreams, work ethics, intelligence, skills, different chance taking qualities as there are differences in every American's fingerprints.  And those individual differences will naturally mean there will be income inequality, and that is a good thing.   Some people want to work harder in school, achieve different levels in education, work harder at work and that will always be the case.

My brothers have become professionals, one a doctor and one a CPA, and therefore, earn more money then me.   That is the way it should be.  I don't begrudge them for that, I admire them for that.  How awful a country it would be to take their hard work, not just in the greater years they had to put in higher education, but in their professions, and punish them by taking some of their hard earned money to equalize the income with others who haven't shown such determination, education, hard work, intelligence or skills.

Even within the same area of work there is appropriate income inequality.   Wouldn't you expect Denzel Washington to make millions more in a movie than a stand-in actor in that same movie?     Wouldn't you expect Lebron James to make millions more than another member of his same team who is a bench warmer?   Those are examples of income inequality.  Same jobs, same teams, but different income.  Who could possibly think that income inequality is wrong?  That's America and let's hope that never changes.

President Obama and the Democrats denounce and abhor income inequality.  What is the opposite of income inequality?  Income equality.   Think about that.  What if we lived in a country that forced income equality on every American?  We wouldn't be America anymore, we would be a communist country.   I can hear some out there saying, shh, you can't say that because that word will turn off independents.  Hell with that, what else would you call a government that would try to enforce income equality?  Certainly not a free market country.



Yes, in America you may have
A person working part time at McDonalds who makes more than a person not working.  
A person working full time at McDonalds who makes more than the person working part time there.
A teacher at a high school who makes more than a person working full time at McDonalds.
A construction worker who makes more than a teacher at a high school.
A university professor with a doctorate who makes more than a construction worker.
An anesthesiologist who makes more than a university professor.
A general surgeon who makes more than an anesthesiologist.
A brain surgeon who makes more than a general surgeon.
A best selling author who makes more than a brain surgeon.
An elite athlete who makes more than a best selling author.
The CEO of a software product who makes more than an elite athlete.
The CEO of a software product who makes more than the CEO of another software product.
And on and on and on. 

This is income inequality.  This is America.  That is why this is the greatest country in the history of the world.

Yes, there's praying going on in the church. There's political talk coming out of the Democrat and Republican conventions. There's gambling going on in the casinos and

There's income inequality in America.   And I thank God for that!


bradley said...

This may be your most relevant and important post ever---- in addition, if you tax people who are successful so much that the level of tax removes the incentive to elevate one further ( human nature will force one to stop working if he/she can't reap the benefits of that hard work), then all incentive to do well and provide quality work will disappear, and boom there goes american intuition, entrepreneurship, ingenuity

Big Mike said...

Great rhetoric Dr. Beckman. Thanks brother!