Monday, January 27, 2014

God Bless Neil Cavuto

I love Neil Cavuto, not just because he is one of the top economic broadcasters on the Fox Business Network and as a conservative host of "Your World," his show on the Fox News Channel.  I love him because he speaks for the American people who are begging for the truth that they are not getting from the main stream media.  He will not just bring out the truth, but he will bring it out boldly, not afraid to take on any issue or politician because it is politically incorrect.  Neil Cavuto has guts and he has integrity.  Those qualities are displayed everyday by this true gentleman.

Thursday [January 23] Neil Cavuto took on two important issues you will never see in the main stream media as it involves the corruptness [as displayed by an obvious double standard] of the media itself: Benghazi, as it involves Hillary Clinton and Bridgegate, as it involves Governor Chris Christie.

In the first segment that will bring tears to your eyes, Neil talks to Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who was killed while being at the side of Ambassador Stevens in the Benghazi terrorist attack.  To think of her having to hear the echo of Hillary's screech, "What difference at this point, does it make?" and the lack of outrage from the American people and lack of coverage or care from the main stream media or the president of the United States will put a hole in your heart.  What is happening to our country?

Then Neil talks about the disgusting double standard of the main stream media fawning over Hillary in the Benghazi scandal vs. the non-stop attacking of Chris Christie in the bridgegate scandal. Watch from the 7:17-8:42 mark of this video to see the double standard that speaks for itself.   Katie Pavlich, who was there to talk about the double standard pointed out maybe the most disgusting remark made by any journalist ever from Andrea Mitchell when she remarked about "the toll that Benghazi has taken on [poor] Hillary Clinton."   I have to tell you that ahead of time so you won't have an object in your hand to throw at your monitor when you watch this. 

Neil Cavuto's "Your World" show on the FNC on January 23, 2014:

May God Bless Neil Cavuto, a great American patriot--a great man. 

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