Monday, January 20, 2014

A Short Story of "The Income Equality For All" Bill

The votes had just been taken in the House and the Senate.  President Michelle Obama had just accomplished what her husband couldn't.   Yes, a bill for total income equality in the United States of America.  Soon, the bill would arrive on Michelle's desk for her to sign.  The trumpets, I mean bongos, would sound the new National Anthem established by Michelle appropriate for the new Republic.  The Banana boat song...Day oh, Day Oh, Day Obama, baby.

The Obama
Republic of America 

Please everyone stand and put your hand over your heart for the new and improved Obama Republic of America:

The bill Michelle would sign went farther than any of her leftist comrades could have imagined.  It not only would limit the earnings of everyone in the United States to $100,000 a year but it would limit the total worth [in savings/stocks/bonds, etc.] of any family to a total of $100,000.  Yes, the evil rich have had there last day of trampling over the average homeless beggar on the street.  "There, but for the grace of God, go I" announced Michelle as she would soon sign the bill.

Of course, as with all bills coming out of congress and signed by the President, it didn't apply to them.  They were too important to be subject to those restrictions in earnings and income.

Now this bill couldn't have been passed except for the work of one unemployed poor family that would be the face of the poor that was portrayed in every government run ad.  Yes, without the Harry and Mary Schlepper family, the capitalist generated income inequality in the old America might have continued forever.  Their faces would warm the heart of even those heartless Republicans in congress to come Michelle's way.  Those evil rich would trample no more on the Harry and Mary Schlepper family.

Because of the importance of their presence in passing the bill, Mrs. President, before signing the bill, would call up Harry to tell him the good news that the "Income Equality for all Americans" bill had passed.

So, Michelle called up the Schlepper family in their run down apartment, that they were behind in payments by only 27 months, and talked to Harry Schlepper.  "Schlepp", said president Michelle, "great news".  "Those evil rich destroying lives like yours in America will have their comeuppance.
Yes, Shlepp, the Income Equality For All Americans bill has passed and I am about to sign it.  From this day forward, no family in America, except us politicians, will have a worth of more than 100,000 dollars.  Yes, starting today that evil money will be confiscated from those oppressive enough to think they can have that money in this new Republic."

Mr. Schlepper jumped for joy at the good news.  He could hardly contain himself and was about to yell for Mary and the kids to get in the room immediately so he could tell them about his call with Mrs. President.  But before he could tell them of the good news, Mary and the kids came screaming into the room Harry was in.   "We won daddy, we won" yelled the little Schleppers.

"We won what?" asked daddy Schlepper.  "We won the super mega million dollar lottery, 150 million dollars.  Daddy we are set for life.  We can buy that home we want.  You can start that business you want.  What a great country, daddy!"  "Who would have thought the Scheppler's would ever be millionaires daddy?"  "Daddy?"

Because of Harry's sudden heart attack and death, he never did get to tell his family of his call with President Michelle Obama and the fact that from this day forward every millionaire would have their money confiscated by the benevolent Obama's. 

They would have to find out about it on the newly established state run Obama News Network, which had  just replaced NBC, or did it replace ABC, or did it replace CBS or did it replace MSNBC?    Well, that's not important because whatever main stream network it replaced, no one could tell the difference anyway.

The End!................................of America.

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