Monday, December 16, 2013

The Lame Duck Is Now A Lame Duck

Now we have many political pundits wondering if president Barack Obama is already a lame duck president.  But it was the Tales who was prescient by pronouncing the lame duck status 6 months ago in this repeat post from June 3, 2013.  So, remember this was before disaster rollout of Obamacare.

Tales repeat post from June 3, 2013: "The Lame Duck Is Now A Lame Duck":

Lame    Duck
In politics a lame duck is a politician who is near the end of their time in office when they have either lost an election for a new term or they are not running for a new term.  The reason they will be called a lame duck is because a politician in that situation will lose power and influence to pass legislation.

As the president of the United States can only be re-elected one time, that means in reality not long after they begin their second term, they are then considered lame duck politicians.  While they are considered lame ducks, they will usually be given one to two years to pass their agenda before they are actually called lame ducks.  When you get into the third year of a president's second term, most presidents by that time will be called lame duck politicians.

Mr. President
Now we have the current president of the United States engulfed in 3 major scandals that are not going to go away quickly.  Benghazi, the IRS and the AP reporters scandals are all being looked at in congress, with especially much attention given to Benghazi and the IRS.  There have been congressional committee hearings already on Benghazi and the IRS targeting conservative Americans and there are sure to be more hearings to get to the bottom of the scandals that could last most of the year.  That means the congress will be focused on finding the truth in these scandals and surely won't be pushing the president's agenda in 2013.

No matter how the hearings turn out, 2014 will begin a year of campaigning for congressional candidates and 1/3 of the senate candidates.  That along with the beginning of the implementation of Obamacare [which the congress hopefully will be doing everything in their power, like withholding funding] will make 2014 a year in which President Obama will surely have no chance to pass any significant legislation.

After the elections, the Republicans as it appears now will hold onto the congress and surely pick up seats in the senate with a chance that they win the senate in 2014.  That will make 2015 an even tougher year for president Obama to get any part of an agenda through both houses of congress.

Then 2016 is an election year and president Obama, like any president would be, will be completely irrelevant by then.

So, because of these major scandals which will surely stymie any major legislation president Obama wants to get through, in probably the only year president Obama would have to get an agenda through congress,  president Obama at this early date is essentially a lame duck.  And not a lame duck in name only, but in reality.
Mr. Lame Duck

The lame duck is now a lame duck.

While president Obama is a lame duck, I don't want this in anyway to mean to say that he should be let off the hook for the scandals in his administration.  This president and this administration must be held accountable for their actions,or lack thereof, in these scandals.  In the Benghazi scandal four Americans lost their lives, I believe, because of dereliction of duty from the president and the secretary of state.  The IRS and the harassment of journalists, especially the Fox News journalists scandals are especially onerous as they are reminiscent of a tyrannical government.  So, in all of these scandals the key question needs to be asked. 

What did this lame duck know and when did he know it?

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