Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tales Welcomes and Wishes All A "Merry Christmas"

As today [Thursday 12/5/2013] is the last day of Chanukah, and because the secular progressives are up to their same old tricks of attempting to remove Christmas and God from any mention in America,  I would like to do this repeat post from last year.  I am one Jew who finds this trend very disturbing.  I wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Except for Israel, the United States of America has been the most welcome country to the Jewish people in the history of the world.  Thank God for this great country. This country's founders were for the most part religious Christians, people of great faith, and I am thankful for that.  It is because of their great faith, not in spite of it, that America has welcomed Jews with open arms. I love the Christian people of this nation and will be forever thankful to them for relying on Judeo-Christian principles in establishing this great beacon of freedom we know as America that welcomes without reservation people of all faiths [or non faith].

God Bless America
President Ulysses S Grant established Christmas as a national holiday in 1870.  While Christmas is a federal holiday it also is a deeply meaningful religious holiday for Christians. And this is one Jew who does not like to see the trend toward the secularization of Christmas. I don't like the fact that in schools in this country, Christmas programs have become Winter programs, Christmas trees have become holiday trees, etc. Why would I want to steal anyone's joy of their meaningful holiday just because I am not of that faith?

This is one Jew who welcomes the greeting of Merry Christmas.  It doesn't offend me, it puts a smile on my face. When I am greeted by that, I always respond with Merry Christmas. Think about it, a total stranger who greets you with "Merry Christmas" is wishing you a blessing of good will and happiness in the spirit of Christmas. Who could be offended by that?  If you are a Christian who knows that I am Jewish and wish me a Happy Chanukah, I am very appreciative of those good wishes and will wish you a very Merry Christmas in return.

I realize even the things I have mentioned in this post are Christmas symbols and not as important to Christians as the deep religious meaning of Christmas, but the fact that even these things are offensive to some people shows how far the secular "progressives" are trying to take America away from its foundations that were inspired by God.  If we, as a country, keep capitulating to the secular progressives, we will lessen the greatness of America in my opinion.

Tales wishes all Jews a Happy Chanukah and all Christians a Merry Christmas!


belfeckmalfan said...
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Big Mike said...

Merry Chanukah to you, nephew! :-)

Anonymous said...

This was absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah my Texas friend.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Krissy. A Merry Blessed Christmas to you!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Thank you for your warm Christmas wishes. Although Christmas has many 20th century symbols, It is hard to imagine why the secular left would find the primary message, Peace on Earth, Good Will to All and the brotherhood of Man, So hostile a notion. But if you accept that the Secular left is a religion and as Michael Chrichton and Ann Coulter described them, they are a Religion and because of that, they consider American organized Religion a threat.

For decades the encroachment on our Religious freedoms, both Christian and Jewish have been mostly state, city, county, etc. Obama's HHS rulings and his general disdain for the religious freedoms of those that he doesn't agree with are a new and disturbing trend of the Left's willingness to turn the first amendment on its head and more dangerous since it is Federal government force.

Mike, in response to the warmth and fellowship you have extended to your Christian brothers and sisters, I would like to remind my fellow Christians of the messages of Peace, Freedom and Love we share with our Jewish Brethren. This year in particular, when we wish a Happy Chanukah to our friends, we should count ourselves blessed to have the Chanukah message of Religious freedom inherent in the story of the Macabees. The Selucid Empire also felt threatened by religion and someone was brave enough to stand up to them and protect the message of Love.

When our founders talk about our age old traditions and the Unalienable Rights we share, there is a straight path from the story of Chanukah two thousand years ago to the noble fight to stand up against government encroachments today.

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to everyone, even the church of the secular left! We are blessed to share this nation and this tradition together.

TJ King

Unknown said...

You've hit another bull's eye, Michael!! Excellent!! Happy Chanukah, my friend!! & God bless!! :-))

Big Mike said...

God Bless you TJ! Thank you so much.

Big Mike said...

Thanks for making me smile Balladeer!!

eurobird said...

Am a bit late replying , nevertheless, God Bless you and yours, Michael, you are prince! Hope you had a Happy Chanukah.

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much eurobird. God Bless!