Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let's Call These Leftists Race Card Players What They Are--Racists

The racist Melissa Harris-Perry
I submit whenever the ugly race-baiter Melissa Harris-Perry is referred to in the future, she should be called the racist Melissa Harris-Perry, because that is exactly what she is.  This racist has outdone herself this time in such laughable absurdity that it is almost hard to get mad at what she says. 

You may think this is a Saturday Night Live Video or some other spoof video.  You will think that because you will say to yourself, no one, not even the racist Melissa Harris-Perry, could be this stupid.  Please watch.

Tales x-rated warning:  The four letter, oops, nine letter ugly word established by evil rich white people is actually stated out loud in the following video.  Please, no children under the age of three months should be in the room when playing this video.

I know the racist Melissa Harris-Perry cannot be that young to have not heard of the words Nixonian or Clintonian, used to depict a statement by someone as being deceptive.  I know she must have heard George W Bush referred to as the cowboy or Ronald Reagan referred to as a dunce.  Now those words were actually meant to be derogatory when used.  I wonder if she has ever heard anyone use the word Bushism when someone mangles the English language.  Let me explain something to the racist Melissa Harris-Perry.  The presidents I mentioned, Nixon, Clinton, George W Bush and Reagan were all [gasp] white men.  They all one time or another had derogatory words used about them or in reference to them.  They were not used about them because of their race but rather because they were presidents of the United States and as being such elevated political figures they all had some policy or words they said caricatured.  The same can be said with Obamacare and president Barack Obama.  Race has zero, nothing to do with the use of that term.  It has everything to do with the health care policy of the new law established by President Obama.  Just as Romneycare and Hillarycare are not said in reference to those two presidential wannabes race.

And that establishes why the racist Melissa Harris-Perry is a racist.  By being so race conscious, she is in effect implying that president Obama is not equal to that of the other [white] presidents.  She is implying that as a black man, president Obama should not be treated the same as the other presidents because he cannot stand the same scrutiny or criticism or evaluation as a white president can.  And because of that inferiority [in her implication], it makes any person criticizing or scrutinizing president Obama or his policies as a racist [in her eyes].  And that implication is nothing short of racism.

I started to say that Mrs Perry calling others racists is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but then I thought that idiom must also have been developed by some evil rich white people.

So, I will just say that the racist Melissa Harris-Perry and everyone else playing the race card should be called for what they really are--racists.  


Anonymous said...

the only reason the the mixed racial american african (kansas/kenya) was elected president is his moderately darker complexion, his charming smile, his ability to be manipulated by the likes of valerie jarrett and david axelrod, the corruptly biased left leaning progressive fraudulent media, the numb xbox playing twentysomethings, the republicans incompetance to lead, promote or market, the absurdly whacko political correctness machine....and the amazing culmination of affirmative action to once and for all make up for OUR sins of slavery. period. it has zero to do with skill or experience or ability. he is the most pathetic piece of garbage in the history of elected officials. i for one am ready for impeachment, resignation...or revolution. enough already.

Big Mike said...

Next time don't hold back and tell us what you really think anonymous. :-)))
Thanks for your comments.