Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank You Bob Beckel For Your Outrage Against Muslim Attacks On Christians

On "The Five" show on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday they talked about a report on 60 minutes of yet more attacks by Muslims in Egypt on the Coptic Christians and their churches.

I have done past posts on the attacks on Christians and their institutions in the Muslim world and asking the questions, "Where is the outrage from the world?"  "Where is the outrage from the organization formed to defend against not only anti-semitic bigotry but all forms of bigotry, the ADL?"  "Where is the outrage from President Obama and the Obama administration?"

Let's call it like it is.  President Obama hasn't hesitated to speak out against what he thinks is discrimination against black people [i.e., like against the Cambridge police department vs. Professor Gates, and in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case]; but he is very hesitant [silent] to speak out against real acts of hate that don't happen to meet his criteria [i.e., the knockout "game" attacks in which the perpetrators are black and victims are white-many of them Jewish].  As a black man President Obama will speak out on behalf of blacks he feels are being discriminated against, so wouldn't you think as a Christian he should speak out for the Christians being attacked in the Muslim world?  Of course, as president of the United States he should be president of all the people and color and or religion shouldn't cause the selective outrage he exhibits

On this post I want to thank someone who is speaking out and showing his outrage of these attacks on Christians.

Robert G. Beckel of "The Five"
I want to thank Robert G Beckel, a liberal Democrat who speaks out strongly for all Christians in the Muslim world being attacked violently [and their institutions] by these Muslim bigots.  Robert didn't just speak out against the Muslim terrorists on this one show about these recent incidents in Egypt.  I have seen him consistently speak out for Christians who are facing terror all across the Muslim world.

On this "The Five" [Tuesday 12/17] Bob Beckel was at his ranting best against the bigoted attacks on Christians by Muslims--outrage that we should be hearing from every world leader, and from those self professed anti-discrimination organizations, and from religious leaders of every religion. 

After Robert G Beckel's initial important rhetoric deploring the action by these Muslim terrorists and displaying a correct sense of outrage, he made three important but politically incorrect points.  While those points were politically incorrect, they were very appropriate in my opinion and they are ideas  that I agree with.
Robert G. Beckel said:

1. "The next time a Christian child dies in Egypt at the hands of these Muslim terrorists, there should be no more aid sent to Egypt.  Not one cent."

2. "Until the terror stops and until there is outrage against all the terror by radical Muslims by Muslim nations, we should have no more VISAs given to Muslim students to enter this country."   He has said before on "The Five" that this nation needs a time out on Muslim students entering this country.

3. "You Muslims [groups and individuals] who continue to be silent and not speak out against the Muslim terrorists are cowards-period!"

While Bob Beckel is a liberal Democrat who says many, many things that I disagree with, I must applaud him for being consistent in his denunciation of the bigotry against Christians by Muslim radicals.  Bravo, Bob!   Let us hope your clarion call for justice for Christians across the Muslim world is heeded by every decent person of good will and that the terror will end for those Christians facing it.

 May God Bless Bob Beckel!


bradley said...

The assumption you make is that Obama is a christian deep down and would be offended at muslim attacks against christians-- sorry , but that assumption is obviously wrong as is your assumption that he would stand up for the rights of all americans and civilized people around the world---- unless the purported victims are black or muslim, or palestenian, he could care less and keeps his head in sand!

Unknown said...

Regarding Beckel's first point: The Egyptian gov't is trying to fight the Muslim Brothers who are the ones carrying out jihad against Coptic Christians. If we do not arm the present gov't, we risk having it turn to Russians. Not good for Copts or for any positive US influence in Egypt.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad. I am using a tongue in cheek description of him as a Christian-as I feel deep down he does have more affinity to the Muslim religion than Christian. And on second is my belief that that is a CREDIBLE commander in chief would be a president representing all the people. Thanks again Brad for your great comments!

Big Mike said...

Great point Balladeer. You are correct good man! Thanks.