Monday, December 2, 2013

Congressmen Using A Scam To Hide Their Staffs From Obamacare

Local radio host on KSEV radio and owner of the Taste of Texas restaurant in Houston, Texas Edd Hendee.

KSEV radio host Edd Hendee
Mr. Hendee was given a letter by his congressman, that was given to each member of the House, from the chief administrative officer of the House of Representatives.  That letter gives each congress person a way they are be able to exempt their staff from the Obamacare exchanges and allow them to stay on their Cadillac [as Edd Hendee calls them] federal employee health benefits plans they have now.

In other words, those congressmen's staffs would not be subject to the same laws that the rest of us "ordinary" Americans are subjected to under Obamacare.  The official letter that Edd Hendee received from his congressman states that to get around their staff being subjected to the Obamacare exchanges, all they have to do is to designate those staff members as unofficial.  Whether that is true or not does not matter because once the congressman stipulates designated staff members as unofficial, they are then allowed to continue in their FEHB plans.

Not only does it state in the letter that all the congressmen could designate those staff members as unofficial to stay out of Obamacare, it also states that the office wouldn't do any cross checking to find out if those staff people are really unofficial.  That to me is where the scam part comes in.  Each congressman can lie and laugh his way to protecting his staff from the same Obamacare laws that you and I face.  Remember these staff members are paid by the tax payers [you and me] and will be given special treatment by this scam from their boss [the congressman].   Outrageous?  I sure think so, and I would surprised if all Americans aren't outraged by that.

I have the audio of Edd Hendee talking about this scam from last Monday and Tuesday.  In the first part of the audio, listen as Edd Hendee actually calls the chief administrative office of the House of Representatives trying to get the clerk who answered the phone to release the names from the lists of the congressmen whose staffs were designated as unofficial.  In the last part of the audio there is the following day's broadcast in which Edd continues his discussion from the previous day's show.  In that part of  the audio Edd explains that the freedom of information act incredibly does not cover the administrative office of the House, even though those employees in that office are un-elected.

This is really compelling radio from Houston's Edd Hendee-KSEV radio Houston, TX that I got from a podcast on the KSEV website:


bradley said...

great work by edd to bring this travesty out, and i would guess most liberals choose not to (or do not have the capacity due to their blind reverence) care!

Big Mike said...

Yep Brad. God Bless Edd Hendee and hope the whole country becomes outraged by this.