Saturday, December 21, 2013


The very likeable and funny Ben Stein [actor, writer, economist, commentator] on Fox News Channel "Cavuto on Business" this Saturday morning [12/21/13] made an incredible revelation of the IRS' incompetence and why it is very dangerous that this will be the agency that enforces the unpopular Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].  Of course, the panel, except for the mostly reasonable liberal [usually an oxymoron] on the panel, Adam Lashinsky [editor of Fortune magazine], didn't need Ben's example to oppose the IRS.

One of my favorite economists, Charles Payne was sitting in for Neil Cavuto this morning and brought up the subject of the scandal ridden IRS as the enforcers of Obamacare.  Here is what Ben Stein said: "[the level of inocmpetence of the IRS] is not as astonishing to me who got a bill of $60 million dollars in tax for $160 million in earnings, which I have never earned or seen in my entire life except of course, for the rest of you on the panel..."

It is rumored that Ben Stein's accountant is named Bueller.   So, that's where this came from:

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