Wednesday, December 4, 2013

America to President Obama: "You Lie!"

I know everyone remembers when the congressman from Louisiana, Joe Wilson, shouted out "You lie" to the president at his health care address in September of 2009.  While as it turns out what Joe Wilson shouted out turned out to be true, most everyone on both sides of the aisle denounced him for saying it at that venue because it was showing disrespect to the office of president.  Not to justify congressman Wilson's shouting that out, but I bet you don't remember that someone else shouted out the word lie before Rep. Joe Wilson did.   What?, another member of congress called the president a liar?...No....Hmm, what evil politician at such an iconic event would use the word lie?  How outrageous.  Let's see the outraged reaction that I'm sure took place from the congress at the first person to use the word lie.

So, let's see, the president says [the GOP] is lying and gets a standing cheering ovation from the Democrats in Congress, but just a few seconds later Congressman Joe Wilson shouts out "you lie" to the president and there is shock and horror from those same Democrats that had just sat down from the president's words. And they demand an apology.  Hmm.

I wonder if those same Democrats are now outraged at the American people-considering

First you had a Gallup poll on November 13 saying that 47% [nearly half] of the American people do not believe the president is honest or trustworthy.   That would be a high water mark in the following weeks.

On November 13 in a Quinipiac poll the results were even worse for the president.  It showed that 52% of the American people felt that president Obama was not honest or trustworthy.

Then just released  on November 23 you had a CNN poll with results showing that  a clear majority of Americans, 53% do not believe that the president is honest or trustworthy.

In a Quinipiac poll just released of the bellwether state of Ohio, a state president Obama won, and was crucial in his re-election, is even more startling.   It shows that an incredible 57% of the people of Ohio do not believe that the president is either honest or trustworthy.   Remember these same people re-elected president Obama only one year ago.

All of this, of course, has to do with the president's lies on Obamacare that now even the main stream media can't hide.   The lies have caught up with president Obama and the gig is up.  The president of the United States is a liar and the people know it.

So, will the Democrats now scold the people of the United States the way they scolded Rep. Joe Wilson?

Finally, us conservatives are not alone.
All of America is now shouting out to president Obama, "You lie!" 

American people: "You lie, period!"

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