Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Tales Happy New Year 2014 Thank You!

I want to wish all Tales readers, and those few [billions] who are not Tales readers around the world, a Blessed Happy New Year 2014!  May 2014 be a peace filled, healthy and happy year for you and your families.

I wanted to give you a progress report on the Tales, which is now finishing its third year in existence.  Yes, the Tales is still a very small blog, but I can say slowly but surely we are growing.  When I first began this blog I was hoping some soul out there would stumble upon it and read my blog.  I was actually surprised when that first year we got 75-100 hits a day [I know to almost everyone that was a tiny number, but to me it was kind of amazing to have even that many read my blog.]  The second year we doubled the number to 150-200 views a day.  This third year we have doubled again to 300-500 a day [with a few days getting 1000 hits a day].  So, while still a very small blog, the Tales is very patient and hope to keep increasing readers every year [don't know if I can keep doubling every year but that would be amazing].   Then maybe years from now Tales can stop calling itself a small blog.

Trust me, I am so thankful to all of the readers I do have now and if I don't increase my readership by one person, I will still be thankful for those of you who have stuck with the Tales!  The reason I do want to increase the readership is the reason most have a blog in the first place, to have some effect on the issues [and candidates] that I care about [and on the weekends-on the music I love and want to share].   Tales cares about keeping America the greatest and most exceptional country the world has ever known.  Tales is yearn-full of a traditional, moral, constitution based, free market country and supports those conservative patriotic candidates who care about those values.  Tales is also a huge classical music aficionado wishing to share the great music of the masters.  So, with that in mind-Tales will continue.  [I know to some that will be considered a threat, not a promise]

Tales 2014 political prediction:  In the 2014 elections in November, the GOP will gain 9 House seats [to strengthen their clear majority of the House] and pick up 7 senate seats to gain control of the US Senate.

Tales 2014 economic prediction:  the GDP growth rate will still be anemic at a 2.7% rate; the unemployment rate will drop to 6.6% only because of a record breaking drop in the labor force participation rate; and the stock market will be flat.  Gas prices will rise again to $4/gallon and then fall back to around $3/gal by the end of the year.  There will be a slight rise in the inflation rate.

Tales 2014 cultural prediction:  In September at the beginning of the 2014/2015 Houston Symphony Orchestra season, Maestro Andres Orosco-Estrada officially takes helm of the directorship of the Houston Symphony Orchestra and it will become the premier symphony orchestra in the United States of America.

Tales 2014 sports prediction:  The Denver Broncos will win an exciting overtime game against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 Superbowl.  The Indiana Pacers will win the NBA championship against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The St. Louis Cardinals will win the World Series in a repeat match against the Boston Red Sox.  The Houston Astros will not lose 100 games for the fourth season in a row.  Break out the champagne!

Once again, Tales wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!

Dubai 2014 New Year's Eve fireworks record breaking display:


Joel said...

What a wonderful post to end 2013 with, Michael! I share your hopes for America, and I love classical music too, so please count me in as a Tales reader for 2014. It will be interesting to see if your predictions come true! Harry will be happy about your Astros prediction. Congratulations on the growth of Tales! Happy New Year!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel. God Bless and Happy New Year for you and Harry!!