Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tales Goes A capella On This Classical Weekend Special

I hope you don't mind a little variance on the usual Tales Classical weekend posts, but my wife and I were lucky to see in Houston, Texas last night at the Bayou Music Center this awesome A capella group of young men known as Straight No Chaser.  A capella, of course, is music sung without instrumental accompaniment.

Straight No Chaser in Houston 11/1/2013
They told us their history which began as 10 college students at Indiana University in 1996.  They formed this A capella group that would go around campus and just start singing their wonderful harmonies.  They said when they graduated they went their own way finding jobs.  Then one of the members of the group had the idea to put the video of their amazing unique performance of the Twelve Days of Christmas on You Tube.  This video became so wildly popular that around six years ago they were signed to a long term contract by Atlantic Records.

The amazing thing about Straight No Chaser is that they not only have such beautiful harmonies but that you can swear there are instruments playing in the background [like a bass, drums, cymbals, etc.].  But there are no instruments and no audio recordings in the background.  The amazing sound comes all from their voices. 

One thing unique about their performance in Houston that I have never seen from any other musical group is that they not only allow pictures and videos to be taken of their performances, but they encourage the audience to take pictures and post on Face Book and Twitter.  If only I knew that I would have brought my I-pad which takes so much better pictures and video than my I phone.  So, the picture and this short video is legal and encouraged by Straight No Chaser.  I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture and this 1 minute snippet I have of their concert last night in Houston.

While on this Tales classical music weekend I do not feature a classical music piece, I do have some classic music sung by this great A capella group.

Here are three great performances by this group of special young men.
God has blessed them with some awesome voices, and he blessed my wife and I by being able to hear them perform.

The following videos are not from Houston but from You Tube of older performances by Straight No Chaser.  Please turn up the volume and enjoy as Tales goes A capella on this classical weekend special.

Straight No Chaser:  Stand By Me::

Straight No Chaser: The Lion Sleeps Tonight::

Straight No Chaser: Twelve Days of Christmas:

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