Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday serenity

As usual on Sunday's I like to play some sweet, soothing classical music.  You can't get more serene than Beethoven's Pastoral symphony #6.  As I have told you before, the classical symphony almost always has four movements.  Beethoven's symphony #6 breaks the rule as it has five movements.  My favorite movement is the final movement, known as "The Shepherds' Song" [of thanksgiving after the storm represented by the fourth movement]

This is somewhat unusual for a Beethoven symphony as it does not have the rousing, triumphant climax that Beethoven usually employs to end many of his pieces.  Appropriately, for a symphony named the pastoral, this has a smooth comforting finale.

So, if you have had a stormy week, I think the serene finale of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony on this Sunday will bring some welcome relief.

Please turn up the volume and enjoy.

Beethoven: Symphony #6 in F-Major, Movement #5, "Shepherds' Song", Allegretto:

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