Thursday, November 21, 2013

President Fraud!

Bureau of Lying Statistics?
When the unemployment numbers from the BLS in October of 2012 [which showed the month of September's unemployment rate] were released, they showed that for the first time in Obama's first term as president the unemployment rate had gone under the magic 8% mark to 7.8%.   Many political pundits were saying how lucky the president was and how that number just may have saved his re-election.  But now we are finding out that this wasn't luck at all but a cooking of the books to show the sharp [0.3%] decrease in the unemployment rate in one month. 

This from the NY Post:
"In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington....The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.  And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it".

The 7.8% number was critical to the Obama re-election team to achieve because the Obama team in the last month of campaign no longer had to defend not just an extremely high unemployment rate above 8%, but they also no longer had to answer again if they would ever be able to get the unemployment rate down again to the rate that they were handed [7.8%] from president George W Bush.

Because now that it seems that the unemployment number was intentionally manipulated to help president Obama in his re-election bid, we will call this one of the four pillars of fraud that enabled his re-election.  

IRS doing it's part to re-elect president Obama
The first pillar of fraud that took place was the IRS targeting and intimidating of conservative groups, specifically the tea partyThe tea party was one of the main components of the 2010 GOP election sweep in which president Obama himself admitted he took a "shellacking".   There was no way the Obama re-election team could allow the tea party to have such an effect in 2012 as it could have derailed Obama's hopes for re-election.  The IRS immediately went into protect the president mode by making sure tea party groups did not have a tax exempt status and making sure they were so bogged down in paperwork going into the 2012 election that their powerful effect of 2010 would be somewhat muted in that election   The IRS did a "good" job for this supposed know nothing president and did their part in helping his re-election bid.

May God Bless the Benghazi 4 and families
Another pillar of fraud maybe the worst cover-up in American history, in my opinion, because this cover-up was of a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of four brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  The Obama re-election team could not allow the truth to come out about Benghazi because if the American people knew about how president Obama and Hillary Clinton showed a disgusting lack of concern about the safety of Americans under their command in a foreign country, and if the American people also found out that the administration intentionally had  covered up the fact that a terrorist attack had taken place [in order to continue a false narrative of a huge foreign policy success in Libya by this president], that could have severely hurt his re-election chances.

If I like your plan, you can keep it
The last pillar of fraud was president Obama's lies to the American people about his signature [and one of the few] accomplishment in his first term, Obamacare.   The president went around the country dozens of times telling the American people before the election that if they liked their health care plans and doctors they could keep their health care plans and keep their doctors.  People say without that assurance, surely Obamacare would not have been passed, even by the Democrat congress at that time.  But it's worse than that.  Once Obamcare was passed, president Obama continued the charade of telling the American people dozens of times that they did not have to fear about losing their health insurance plans or their doctors with the implementation of Obamacare.  Can you imagine, if it had been found out before the election that the president of the United States was deliberately lying to the American people.  Forget about Obamacare, this president not only would have lost the election, but he would have lost in a landslide.  The campaign had to keep up the lie.

So, in summary, the four pillars of fraud that were essential to re-elect president Barack Obama:

1.  The IRS taking out the tea party's effectiveness by swamping them in paperwork.
2.  The Benghazi cover-up.
3.  The Obamacare lie.
4.  The cooking of the unemployment numbers to get the number under 8%.

It is possible that if just one of these pillars had fallen, president Obama would not have been re-elected.  But I think we can almost surely say, that if none of these pillars of fraud were established, Mitt Romney would have been elected; and he would have been elected by a huge margin. 

Yes, the jokers were wild in the 2012 election of cards.  And there were four jokers in that fraudulent deck.  President Obama held them all to make a "royalty" flush.

President Obama was, to my and many others chagrin, legitimately elected president in 2008.  I submit because of the shenanigans of fraud perpetrated by this president in 2012, we cannot say the same for his re-election.

There have been many appropriate handles given to president Obama: President know nothing, president incompetent, president liar, president in over his head, president divider-in-chief, and I'm sure many others I can't think of.

I think now that we know of these four pillars of fraud that led to his re-election in 2012, we can finally give the definitive appropriate handle this president should forever more be known as--President Fraud!

President Fraud


bradley said...

awesome research and presentation big mike--- however , the majority of liberals voting for obama, i suspect, have and had NO knowledge of or ability to rationally interpret the facts when presented!

Big Mike said...

No, not liberals but I think true independents, especially knowing the president lied to them would have voted against him in record breaking numbers and that would have turned the election.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think that they went out to their base and added some illegal votes and the leaning of numbers with the lame stream media creating the propoganda! And so many not willing to stand against this train wreck. Very good article Michael!
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Yes he may have won anyway- but either way he won fraudulently.
Thanks Krissy!! Toko Kamera Murah di Indonesia said...

nice post..

thanks krissy :)

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