Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Not Legacy But Ideology That Drives President Obama

Dr. Marty Fox, a frequent caller to the Bill Bennett radio show, Morning in America, called in Bill Bennett's radio show on Thursday morning [Nov. 20] to say that President Barack Obama will never willingly allow the dismantling of his one signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, not because he is worried about his legacy, what Dr. Bennett surmised, but because of his ideology.  Tales agrees with Dr. Marty.   And I thought it appropriate to do this post in light of president Obama unbelievably telling his supporters at a fund raiser he just attended that he is not an ideologue. That's another knee slapper right up there with, "you can keep your plan if you like it."

President Obama is a radical ideologue who, when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States of America, meant it.  That was one statement where Barack Obama was telling the total truth.

I believe the president isn't worried one iota about his legacy.  This man is such an extreme egotist, he thinks no matter what he does he will be written down in the history books as the greatest president ever to be elected to the office and it doesn't matter what [Obamacare] he has accomplished, it doesn't matter what he does in the next three years.

Alfred Nobel last seen rolling in his grave
Barack Obama is such an extreme egotist, he willingly accepted a Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing, nothing.  His only accomplishment to that date was being elected to the office.  In his mind, that was good enough to deserve it.  Any person with integrity would have either told the Nobel committee they could not accept the award or when they did accept it, it would have been on behalf of America or the military or some other deserving person or organization.   But not Mr. Ego, BarackObama.   He proudly accepted it for himself.

Because president Obama thinks his legacy is already written in stone [that he will be known as the greatest president ever] is also why he really does not give a damn about the people who are losing their health insurance plans or their doctors.  His ideology trumps all and that is what motivates his actions on Obamacare.  If some Americans have to lose their insurance and doctors for the greater good [i.e., poor people finally getting health insurance] so be it.  That is only fair, that is only just, in his mindset.

Because of that mindset, the president, I believe, will never give up on his Obamacare.  It won't matter how many millions of Americans are getting hurt, it won't matter if it cost some of his fellow Democrats their jobs, it won't matter if it is hurting the United States of America.  And it has nothing to do with him worrying about his legacy.   

It is all about ideology to president Barack Obama. 

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