Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Many Ways Can A Liar, Lie?

It started early, before the election of Barack Obama in 2008.   We didn't know it, but a serial liar was about to be born.  In this recount of lies you may say some are missing, like promising to reform the immigration laws by the end of his first year or cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term [or was that year too?]   I will consider those [as I am sure Clarence Page would] as political lies that a lot of politicians say before they are elected.  I only count the direct promises he made to a person or the country or about an event that there is no doubt he lied about.  

How many ways can a liar, lie?  Let us recount the ways:

While campaigning for the presidential nomination in 2008 before AIPAC this liar told this Jewish organization that Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel:  


* Does anyone remember this liar's first presidential executive order in the first week of him becoming president. Has there ever been another president who broke his own executive order? For this one, I am glad he did not honor it.

* This liar's administration labeled the Ft. Hood terrorist shooting attack by Maj Nidal Hassan an act of workplace violence and still do to this day despite knowing that the Muslim terrorist Hassan had yelled Allahu Akbar as he was killing American soldiers, and knowing that Hassan was in constant contact with known terrorist Imam Anwar al-Awlaki.

* This liar when hearing of the IRS targeting conservative groups for scrutiny [saying he heard about it in the news] said:  "It's inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it," he said. "I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives."

Then within days of saying how angry he was about the IRS despicable actions, this liar when talking about this and other scandals said:  "this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals."

So, from intense anger to a phony scandal in the blink of an eye...or should that be in the blink of a lie.

* This liar told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he had Israel's back, only months later to be negotiating with Iran to ease sanctions on Israel's enemy and allow Iran to continue in their pursuit of the bomb to destroy Israel.

* This liar and his administration for weeks said the Benghazi terrorist attacks were not terrorist attacks but a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand due to a "hateful You Tube video that slandered the prophet [sic] Mohammad."  This liar went before the UN and the world two weeks after the terrorist attack talking about the video.  Besides lying about the video being the cause of the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi, this liar told Americans he would not rest until he brought to justice those responsible and that he [the administration] would find out exactly what happened.  Then, just as he did with the IRS and NSA and Fast and Furious scandals, the liar who was supposedly so concerned about bringing to justice those responsible for the killing of four Americans said that these were phony scandals.  His concern about hunting down the killers of the four patriotic Americans and finding answers about what really happened in Benghazi was proven to be a lie when he said this [starts around the 43 second mark]:

*  This liar told Americans if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period!   This guarantee was quickly found out to be a lie as millions of Americans had their plans cancelled.  Also, there is proof that the liar knew that what he was telling the American people dozens of times was a lie as early as 2010.

*  This liar told Americans if they like the doctor they have, they can keep the doctor they have, period!  With those Americans losing their health insurance plans they had, many are finding out that their doctor is not included on their new plans.

*  This liar told Americans that for the average family their insurance plans would go down about $2500 per family, when he had to know they would increase for the vast majority of Americans.

*  This liar, after telling Americans they could keep their health insurance plans and doctors they had, lied about that lie when he said:  "From the beginning, what we said was you could keep your plan that you had before the law was passed, if it hasn’t changed since the law was passed,” when he never one time said that.  He never put a time period on when you had to have your plan for you to be able to keep it, and he never mentioned that if your plan changed, even just a little, that you would lose your plan.

This liar's initial lies were bad enough, but to lie about a lie truly makes this liar the 'liar king'. 

In the interest of fairness, there is one very true statement that this man made that we should not ignore.   He made this statement days before he was inaugurated as president in 2008.  

Here is the one true statement from the man whose presidency would prove to be above his paygrade:

 Oh yes, that was a true statement.  
 If only he could have been lying about that one.
Update cartoon from the great Michael Ramirez via suggestion in reply by @DBSnyder


bradley said...

Wow, this littany of truths about his lies is a very scary review of his agenda, and the movie 2012, accurately explains how all of this could have been ( and was )predicted. I have NO sympathy for anyone whom voted for this extremist and now is complaining that they are losing their insurance as they knw and liked!

Big Mike said...

I'm with you Brad and have no sympathy for those hurting because of policies of this man that they voted for...and not just voted for once but twice.

Anonymous said...

with no apologies to Disney here is an instant Ramirez Classic
(yeah, I'm biased)

Big Mike said...

Michael Ramirez is a genius!! Love him DB. Thank you!