Monday, November 18, 2013

Did The President Lie Again In Presser About His Knowledge About The Website?

During the press conference held by president Obama after he introduced his fake, I mean, his so called "fix" to help people losing their insurance coverage because of Obamacare regulations, the president said that he didn't know anything about the problems that the Obamacare web site would have on the roll out because no one told him a thing.   In fact, he wants us to believe that he couldn't have known anything about it because he [his words] would have had to have been pretty stupid to go around saying how everything was going to work great if he had known that the problems the web site faced.

So, we're supposed to believe that once again president Obama is Mr. clueless.  And the reason president Obama and his supporters don't mind people believing that he knows nothing is to avoid the charge that he lied to the American people.

So, we are to believe the president was clueless about the IRS scandal, clueless about Fast and Furious, clueless about the NSA spying of friendly foreign leaders, clueless about Benghazi, and now he was clueless about the disastrous web site roll out.  We are talking about the most powerful man in the free world and his supporters proudly pronounce as, I guess an asset, that he is clueless [incompetent].   Not just his supporters use that excuse but you also have some pundits like Bill O'Reilly in his extreme naivety use this clueless trait as a means of scolding us "right wing extremists" [sic] for using the word liar to define president Obama.  O'Reilly really annoys me when he does that [takes Obama's explanations of not knowing anything about anything] as proof he didn't lie. 

I have no problem with saying that Barack Obama is clueless as president, but I also believe that his "I knew nothing" defense may also be a lie.  I don't believe that would make Barack Obama stupid to say something that he knew would be shown to be untrue-I believe that would make Barack Obama an arrogant liar.

What was the biggest lie President Barack Obama said in this Obamacare mess?  It was of course telling all the American people over and over again through the three years of implementation, that if they liked the health insurance plan and doctor they had, they could keep that plan and their doctor.  Now everyone not only knows that wasn't true, but we know that president Obama knew that wasn't true in the year 2010.   We have video proof when President Obama hosted the sham "discussion" on Obamacare with members of the GOP.

So, let's look at this lie that president emphasized to the American people with his declarative, "period!" in light of what the president said about not knowing about the website problems ahead of time.  We now know that the president knew that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance plans yet he still [in his own word] "stupidly" told every American that would not happen.

So, the question that has to be asked that everyone has missed about the press conference is: "Why would we think the president wouldn't lie about not knowing of the website problems ahead of time, when we know he lied about Americans losing their health insurance plans ahead of time?"

Looking stupid that he would be caught in his own lie obviously isn't proof that he didn't know, as we have proof that he didn't mind looking stupid about millions finding out that they wouldn't be able to keep their health insurance plans they liked.

"Me thinks" the president has cried wolf one too many times to ever believe anything this man says.

President Obama isn't stupid when he lies.  He just thinks you are. 

Tales summationIncompetence equivalent to president Jimmy Carter does not negate the president's prevarication equivalent to president Richard Nixon. 


88keyman said...

You're right about O'Reilly, Mike. He drives me crazy when he asserts, without evidence, that he doesn't think Obama was lying. We KNOW he knew you couldn't keep your plan, since that was the very essence of HIS plan (and for other reasons). And we know he didn't believe that videomaker nonsense after Benghazi. The very essence of his radical presidency is to hide his nature and intentions. It's all a lie.

Big Mike said...

Amen, keyman! Thank you!