Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deadly Knockout "Game" Going On In America

to Gretchen Carlson who has her own show on the Fox News Channel.  I thank her for bringing this topic up on her show and revealing this disturbing trend in our country.  If you want to follow Gretchen on twitter she is @GretchenCarlson 
Gretchen Carlson
There is a very disturbing trend going on with some young African American teens in this country participating in what is known as the "knockout game".   I first noticed this in an incident in my hometown of St. Louis, Mo., when an innocent Vietnamese man was killed in this "game" by some teens.  This "game" is where African American teens go around the streets of their city and randomly just knockout with a punch from behind an innocent person walking on the sidewalk.

From St.LouisToday: ST. LOUIS • The random, brutal attack shocked the city and opened its eyes to the so-called “knockout game” being played among teens.
A recent immigrant, Hoang D. Nguyen, 72, was fatally beaten in broad daylight in the Dutchtown neighborhood as he walked home from a grocery store with his wife, Yen. She was also injured, punched in the eye.
Today, St. Louis prosecutors begin laying out a murder case against Elex Murphy, 20, one of four individuals allegedly involved in the April 16, 2011, attack but the only one charged.

Now I find out this is not just happening in St. Louis but in New York City and cities all over this country.   This is the year 2013 in the United States of America.  You would think this video was taking place in some uncivilized third world country.  What is going on in our country? 

Economist, Thomas Sowell
Please read the article from the brilliant Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University: "Thugs Target Jews In Sick Knockout Game."

From that article came this video from Hoboken [I believe New Jersey], on a news report about this sick, deadly knock out game played by some African American teenagers.  This video might make you sick to your stomach.  When you think this is happening in America, it will make you sicker.

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