Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why The Obsession of Hate For Senator Ted Cruz?

Since Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee decided to launch their gambit to defund Obamacare they have received much criticism from their  fellow senators and congressman.  This post is not about valid criticism of those opposing their plan because of legitimate concern for the tactic.  This post is about those Republicans [and or conservatives] who to this day are obsessed with anger/hate at especially Senator Ted Cruz.  I think the hatred seems more showered on Senator Cruz than Senator Lee because it was Senator Cruz who made an almost miraculous stand with his 21 hour filibuster.

I divide the "hate Cruz" crowd into two groups.   His fellow Republican senators and congressman in one group, and some of the media political pundits in the other group.

The main actors in the first group are led by Senator John McCain from Arizona and Representative Peter King of New York.  Of course, there is much opposition and hateful vitriol spewed at Cruz from many liberal Democrats, but I don't include them in this as their attacks are more politically inspired. 

Two of the main actors in group two [the media] are Dr. Charles, the great, Krauthammer, and Nina Easton, columnist for Fortune magazine.  Both are Fox News contributors.  Again I concentrate on the more moderate to right pundits because it is nothing unusual for liberal pundits to attack any and all conservatives.  In the second group I don't sense so much of a hatred of Cruz as I do from his fellow politicians, just a continued obsession with having to state over and over how bad the defund strategy was.  To them, who are for the most part great journalists, I say, "get over it."

I always thought the main reason for the continued obsession with Senator Ted Cruz by the first group was jealousy.   Here was this freshman senator from Texas who has been in Washington less than two years and he was getting all this publicity and love from the grass roots Republicans.  But the fetching Mrs. B gave me a better reason for this continued anger and almost hatred of Senator Ted Cruz from supposed conservative congressmen [in the Senate and House].  She told me, and I now agree, that the reason these politicians can't stand Senator Cruz is because he is taking a bold stand, firing up the people, and these other politicians are getting heat from the people back home in their states wondering why haven't they been out there all this time making waves.  

I really think the fetching Mrs. B is on to something.  Some of these congressman have been there for years and years, but have never been as bold as Ted Cruz has been in less than two years.  It makes these other congressmen look like, while yes they have voted the right way, they don't seem to be fighting for the people but just going along to get along.  So, because of the heat they are getting from their own constituents, they turn their frustration into attacking Senator Cruz.  They are probably thinking to themselves, if these young new breed of conservatives taking stands just hadn't gotten elected, their comfortable positions in the House and Senate would remain solid with little blow back from their constituents.

Now for those in the news media who continue to bash Cruz, I think it is something else.  I think they legitimately disagreed with Cruz' strategy from the beginning and vocally announced their opposition.  As with all human beings, they like for their views to be accepted by a majority of the people.   So, when Senator Cruz went ahead with his marathon speech and gained more and more notoriety, it was upsetting to those pundits who had criticized this strategy from the start.  It was like they were yelling from their positions on TV, "can't you understand people that while you are excited now, this strategy won't work.  Why do you continue to admire this man?"   Each attack coming from the media had the opposite effect the news media wanted.   Instead of Cruz and his tactic being loathed, he was being more and more loved by the grass roots conservatives.  I am one of those grass roots conservative Republicans who feel like we wanted to shout back at the media for their attacks on Cruz: "we don't give a damn what you think media. Whether this strategy works or not, someone, finally someone, is taking a stand and they are taking a stand for us."   Because of stubbornness and pride by the news media, their obsession of Senator Cruz still continues because the people they are trying to convince of the folly of the stand by Cruz and Lee has been brushed off by those same people.  They [we] still love Cruz.

Senator Cruz and the American people are not stupid.  We know that Obamacare will not be thrown out in this initial gambit.  We also know that we love Senator Cruz for taking a bold [almost heroic] stand and putting the focus on Obamacare and making the next elections in 2014 a clear choice between Democrats who will do everything in their power to keep Obamacare, and Republicans who will do everything in their power [led by Cruz and Lee] to uproot Obamacare. 

So, when the media and congressman who have been obsessed at attacking Senator Cruz, come out when this is over in a few weeks to snidely tell the people, "we told you so" regarding the defunding of Obamacare, we [the grass roots conservatives] will be telling you after you see the stunning results of the 2014 elections - "no, we told you so."

God Bless Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!


Sheralyn said...

The reasons why Senator Cruz is hated are many and none deserved. I salute Ted Cruz for having the guts to do what his fellow congressmen have failed to do. One of the main reasons that Cruz is hated is that he had the audacity to do what he was elected to do and until he stood up the rest of his coworkers were cruising on easy street. Cruz has become the speed bump to business as usual. He has shown them to be ineffective cowards that are not willing to stand up for what they state they Senator Cruz was not successful in defunding Obama Care, but he has been successful in letting real conservatives know who are really willing to stand and be counted not continue to be walked on by whispering Harry Reid and Obama. If republicans continue to be door mats for Harry Reid he will continue to walk all over them. Senator Cruz has decided that if he's going to loose the fight,he's going to go down swinging. Unlike his coworkers, Cruz is doing what he said he would do if elected. Congratulations to Senator Cruz, on his efforts. When it came time to step up to the plate and put the bat on the ball, he came through. Harry Reid, up until now has ruled the Senate and House. Boehner, has a spine like a wet noodle and Reid knows this. Reid knows that Boehner will eventually buckle to the Senate demands, so he just waits him out and true to form Reid gets what he wants. When will Republicans learn that you cannot win from a position of weakness. We all know that we're outnumbered in the Senate, but that doesn't mean that you have give up without a fight. Take the fight to Reid as Cruz has by making your case to the people. We might loose the battle, but win the war. We have to fight for this country and Senator Cruz has enlisted and reported for duty.

Big Mike said...

You are correct Mrs. B!!! You didn't think I would say anything different did you. :-)))

Joel said...

You are a wise man, Michael!!

Big Mike said...

You know it Joel. :-)) Thanks Joel.