Monday, March 24, 2014

What Joe Really Said

Tales could make an excuse for this repeat post but like president George Washington, I cannot tell a lie.  Tales was immersed in too much NCAA tournament basketball to work on a new post for today. So, from about 6 months ago, here is a Best of the Tales, repeat post, What Joe Really Said:

This man is second in line
People have made fun of our distinguished Vice-President Joe Biden when at the time of the announcement of the passage of Obamacare the vice-president was overheard to whisper to the president: "this is a big fxxxing deal."

Au contraire, mon ami.  The Tales tech advisor, Ima Khanman [sometimes called con for short], playing the video tape in slow motion backwards, besides finding out that "Paul is dead",  also determined what our brilliant VP really said.

Here is the video played forward, for those not sophisticated enough to interpret the backward technique only available to Ima. 

Tales can verify that Joe Biden did not say that Obamacare was a big fxxxing deal. 

He actually said that Obamacare was "a big fxxxed up deal."

And to think some of you think that VP Biden isn't exactly an intellectual.   Take those evil thoughts out of your mind.  He nailed it! 

Update:  With the weakness shown by our president on so many fronts in foreign policy, I have actually heard people make fun of "everybody loves" Joe when he once said that we don't have to worry about President Obama when he speaks to foreign leaders [like when he makes red lines] because "I promise you the president has a big stick."    Again, the Tales adviser Ima Khanman played the vice-president's statement in slow motion to find out what loveable Joe really said [and no it is not "the president has a big shtick", as true as that may be].  No, Joe actually said. "I promise you the president has a big pen...and a phone."


eurobird said...

So well done,Michael! :-) :-)

Big Mike said...

Thank you so much Eurobird! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

And here I thought he said "We're scrxxed"

Big Mike said...

Well the Tales tech expert Ima Khanman sometimes called con for short, has been known to make a mistake or two in the past. :-)


visit from indonesia.....

Big Mike said...

Thank you Ahmad! :-))