Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Great NFL Shutdown err Showdown

Bullies QB Barry Oh
It was the crucial showdown between the current Super Bowl champs, the Chicago Bullies, quarterbacked  by Barry Oh, vs the upstart, wannabe Super Bowl champs, the Texas Patriots [sometimes called T-Party for short], quarterbacked by Teddy Crews.   The winner of this showdown could determine the eventual Super Bowl champions [and possibly the next coach of the team].

Teddy C. knew his Patriots were big underdogs in this game.  No sportscaster gave his team any chance to pull off this upset.  Whether it be the mainstream media sportscasters who seem to favor the Chicago style of play or even those sportscasters on Fox News like Dr. Chuck Krautnail, who tend to be more sympathetic to the Patriots, they all said no matter how the playing went, Barry Oh would have the last word and there was no way to deny that.

QB Teddy Crews-a Patriot
But the Texas Patriots brash young QB had developed a play that could win this big game and send his team to the Super Bowl.  Because of this boldness by Teddy Crews he was despised by the Bullies.  He was especially despised by the Bullies QB, Barry Oh, himself.

Not only, though, was Teddy despised by his opponents, some of his own teammates began to attack his bold statements and began to attack him personally.  Some feel these attacks by his own team was due to jealousy because of the popularity of the fans that Teddy had.  And the more that Teddy was attacked, the more the fans admired Mr. Crews.  Those attacks by his own teammates was led by offensive tackles Johnny Mac and Peter Queen, old veterans who are set in their way of play and don't understand how this new young QB could gain such popularity and notoriety without paying his dues.  The same went with guards Lindsey Cracker and surprisingly from one of the rookies, Kelly Idiotte. 

In an unusual move, Teddy laid out the winning play that he and his best friend on the team, running back Mikey Lee had worked out before the game even began.  He admitted he couldn't pull of this play by himself, and for it to have any chance to work the fans would have to play a major role in inspiring his team, so that the whole team would be united and inspired to make it succeed.  With the fans inspiration, the offensive line would make the blocks, the running back would pick up the blitzing line backers [a tactic always used by those Bullies], the receivers would run perfect routes and he would be inspired to make the great pass that would lead to the winning TD and be on the way to the Super Bowl.  So, Teddy lobbied support from the fans to be more vocal at the game then they have ever been to give the Pats a chance to pull of the upset of the decade.  He also told his teammates both teams would be staring at each other in a defiant glance.   He told his teammates, the team that blinks first will surely lose this game. So, he emphasized, the way we win: "Don't blink!"

The big showdown began.  The two teams battled toe to toe in a surprising tie with just seconds left in the game.  The Texas Patriots had the ball on their own 20 yard line as the clock was winding down.  There would be time for only one more play left.  Now was the time for the Lee and Crews' play to be called.  That is exactly what QB called in the huddle.  The fans knew it and they were on their feet yelling like they had never yelled before, just like Teddy C had called for.  So, part A of the plan by Lee and Crews worked.

Bullies Beautox Pelosi
Now Part B of the plan was here and it was for the players of the Patriots to be so united and inspired by the fans that they do their part in pulling off the great play.  Unfortunately, Teddy C's own teammates would let him down.  Their jealousy of their QB trumped their love of their own team. The play was called, the center hiked the ball to QB Crews, and the crowd was on it's feet.  But tackles Mac and Queen and guards Cracker and Idiotte did not put up the fight needed for the team.  They let the Bullies defensive linemen Beau [short for Beautox] Pelosi , Chuckie Schuman [a man who loves to get in front of the camera], Harry Read [a funny name since this linemen has never actually read his teams 2000 page playbook], and Sherod Jackson Lee [see note for Chuckie Schuman] rushed the QB with no resistance.  The running back, Mikey Lee [one of the few admirers of the QB] did all he could to stop the onslaught.  But one by one the attack on Crews continued.  Teddie Crews seemed to perform miracles in avoiding the rush and staying on his feet.  Pelosi hit him, but Crews stayed on his feet.  Schuman almost surely had him but Crews got away and stayed on his feet.  Read and Jackson Lee had him cornered, but Crews somehow got away and was still standing.  The 70,000 people in the stands [and I'm sure years from now there will be millions of people claiming to be there] were on their feet cheering this act of strength and elusiveness by QB Crews.  While it may have been seconds, it seemed that Teddy Crews was standing for more than 21 hours. 

With the inspiration from the fans [even though many of his teammates let him down] Crews was able to get away and throw a long pass to his Texas teammate [along with Lee one of the few friends he had on the team] Alouieay Gohmert, who made a spectacular catch.  But because it took so long to throw the pass, the play did not go for a touchdown and this game would go into overtime.

Veteran Johnny Mac
Even though they were the ones trying to sabotage the play, which meant it surely would not result in a touchdown, the linemen, stared back at their QB and yelled insults at him because the play did not result in a touchdown.   The elder player Johnny Mac in his scruffy voice yelled out, "It didn't work, did it, ha.  I told you so, I told you so,"   Peter Queen and Lindsay Cracker yelled in , "You young whippersnapper, what's your endgame, what's your endgame?"   Even the usually soft spoken Kelly Idiotte could be heard telling Crews, "I guess the cold reality smacked you in the face, didn't it."

The fans seemed aghast at this outburst against their hero, Teddy Crews.   If you could talk to each of the fans of  the Patriots QB, they would tell you "that's why we haven't been to the Super Bowl in a long time because of those established teammates not willing to be bold, take a chance at making a great play.  They always played not to lose and finally we have a dynamic QB playing to win, and they criticize him."   Yes, while maybe the team was not united, the fans had Teddy Crews' back.

How the overtime went, is yet to be determined.  Will it be the Bullies or the Patriots who are victorious and on their way to the Super Bowl?  One thing I know for sure, no matter how this game turns out, Patriot fans are united and determined like never before.  And no matter how many outside forces or even his own teammates criticize their quarterback Teddy Crews, he has become a hero in their eyes.  They are standing with him, just as he stood for them in making an almost miraculous play.

I would give the Patriots one final piece of advice as the game has gone into overtime.  If there is to be any chance at all at victory it is to heed the words of Mr. Crews:  "Don't blink."


bradley said...

don't blink and DON'T throw a pick 6!

Big Mike said...

Whoa Hoah.....they could learn a lesson from Matt Schaub :-)
Thanks bro!