Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bibi Netanyahu to The World: "Israel Will Not Allow Iran To Get Nuclear Weapons."

Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier and the panel featuring Stephen F Hayes, Mara Liason, and Dr. Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday night.

One of my favorite shows on TV, that I must DVR every night not to miss is Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier.  And my favorite part of Special Report is the All Star Panel [especially when  Stephen Hayes and Dr. Krauthammer are on-which is most of the time].   In fact, I wish the whole show could be the All Star panel talking about the political events of the day.

Bravo, Bret Baier!  God Bless.

Israel's great prime minister Bibi Netanyahu speaking truth to the entire world [including president Obama and the United States] let everyone know Israel will never cede their security and very existence to any negotiations involving any country and Iran.  And notice prime minister Netanyahu calls them Iran and doesn't grant them the honorific 'the Islamic Republic of Iran' like our very weak president sadly does.  This entire speech was a stirring tour de force of Israel never allowing Iran to go nuclear.  Watch just a portion of this great speech before the UN on Tuesday by Bibi Netanyahu and Bret Baier's All Star Panel's reaction.

I must say, as a Jewish American, I was riveted with pride at the prime minister's speech for Israel [i.e., the Jewish people].  

Stephen Hayes saw reminisces of Winston Churchill, when Bibi said, "If Israel is forced to stand alone, we will stand alone."

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