Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bad News From Politico About Government Shutdown On GOP?

This bad news from Politico about the harm that the budget shutdown will have on the GOP. 

"Several polls released .... show Republicans would get the bulk of the blame if the so-called “fiscal cliff” hits, whether it be .... the threat of a government default absent a raise in borrowing authority. If [this] happens, House Democrats say they’ll have tangible proof that the GOP is a dysfunctional party ...."

"... Democrats are betting they can shift that blame right back to the GOP.
They’re so confident, in fact, that they’re already eyeing at least 10 Republican-held seats with strong military connections from Florida to California to target in 2014"

“Republicans who are unwilling to compromise, unwilling to find solutions ... are going to find an unwelcome reception from voters ..."

And Politico so concerned about the GOP chances gives this warning, "The Republicans can't say they weren't warned: The Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that [this] could cost 1 million jobs and send the country into another recession."

WOW!   Thank you Politico for the warning about the devastating effects this government shutdown [which will be blamed on Republicans] will have on the GOP.   As a Republican, I must say I appreciate your concern for our fortunes.

Hold it. Wait a second. I have just been informed by the Tales ombudsman, Mr. Bigmouth, that Tales has made a tiny, little mistake in it's story by Politico.   

No, this story wasn't written recently by Politico talking about the government shutdown.  It was written on February 8, 2013 talking about the sequester.

Well, they were right about that one, weren't they?


Anonymous said...

If Harry Reid had his way and got government funded healthcare, imagine how a shut down would affect ALL Americans. #HarryReidOwnsShutdown

Big Mike said...

Great point- and that's the ultimate goal of Obama and Dems a single payer system (I.e., federal government) where then they have even more control over our lives.