Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Will The World Remain Silent As Islamists Attempt Their Goal of Christian Cleansing?

Lela  Gilbert
What a riveting article published on Sept. 14, 2013 on National Review Online by Lela Gilbert: "Thank God, There Are Almost No Jews in Syria Now" in which she talks about "the fascinating story of Judy Feld Carr, a Toronto musicologist and a modern-day heroine. Over a period of about 30 years, beginning in the mid 1970s, the brilliant and determined Ms. Carr managed to smuggle 3,228 Jews out of Syria."  Mrs. Gilbert correctly states, "Amid the brutal civil war raging there today, the importance of her remarkable life-saving operation is particularly significant."

Lela Gilbert, further in the article, and talking about Bashar as-Assad's father, states: " In 1975, President Hafez Assad explained why he refused to permit his country’s loathed Jewish population to leave (they were tortured and sometimes murdered when they tried to escape). “I cannot let them go,” he said, “because if I let them go how can I stop the Soviet Union sending its Jews to Israel, where they will strengthen my enemy?”

Judy  Feld  Carr
So, thank God indeed, that with the help of Judy Feld Carr, who helped smuggle Syria's Jews out of the country, only a handful of Jews remain there today.

Today, and for many years now, it is the Christian people of Syria who "are paying a terrible price for their faith."   Mrs. Gilbert reports in her article that "stories of assaults on Christian homes and businesses; wanton destruction of churches; the disappearance, rape, and murder of women; mob-driven atrocities against women, men, and children; and the murder of priests and pastors are reported nearly every day."

Later in the article Lela Gilbert says:
"In my book Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner, I describe the expulsion of 850,000 Jews who fled or were forced to leave Muslim countries in the mid 20th century. I juxtapose this under reported tragedy with the present persecution of Christians in those same lands.

The Islamist motto, “On Saturday we kill the Jews, on Sunday we kill the Christians” — or, more tactfully, “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People” — isn’t just a slogan. It’s a plan for religious cleansing, pronounced by radical leaders and enacted by jihadi warriors".

Everyone please read Lela Gilbert's entire article here.

This article is significantly relevant this last week as hundreds of Christians in churches in Pakistan and Christians shopping in a mall in Kenya have been brutally killed for the "crime" of being Christian by Muslim jihadists.   The terrorists were reported to have gone around the mall questioning the people there and if the person couldn't prove they were a Muslim and indeed a Christian, there were brutally killed on the spot.  Sadly and frighteningly, there are reports that three of those terrorists are Somali Americans.  

Tales has already detailed in the last year the terror being perpetrated on Christian Copts in Egypt by Muslim Jihadists. 

So, let us all pray for Christians, not just in Syria but the whole Muslim world, who are systematically being targeted by the terrorists, not just to scare them, but to kill them.

Let us pray that there is another one of God's angels, like Judy Field Carr, who will heroically help rescue the Christians of Syria as were the Jews of Syria rescued.  And let us pray that the world and the world leaders end their immoral silence on the attempted cleansing of Christians all throughout the Muslim world by Islamist jihadists.

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