Monday, September 9, 2013

Think About It

At the end of these questions add the phrase 'think about it':

When someone [like the president] says "Let me be clear", does that mean everything he said previously was meant not to be clear?

Why do people use the phrase 'that's unbelievable' to something that they know actually happened?

Why do the 'man-made caused global warming' proponents always seem to hold their conventions during the bitter cold winter?

Why is it that a lot of information that seems beneficial to the president is labeled unclassified, but other information that might be detrimental to the president is labeled classified?

Since it's called Labor Day, does that mean it is a pro-life holiday?

Why does America have a Labor Day but not have an Employer's Day?

Why were high gas prices under George W. Bush considered by the main stream media such a catastrophe for the average American, but higher gas prices for an extended period of time under Barack Obama not even mentioned by the main stream media?

When Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu treated President Obama with such kindness and respect in Israel even though he wasn't given the same treatment in his first visit to the United States under Obama, who acted more Christian like, the Christian or the Jew?

Why is it the lobbyists who pushed the hardest for the passage of Obamacare also pushing the hardest for waivers for themselves to be exempt from Obamacare?

Why does Warren Buffett, who agrees with president Obama that it is unfair he is not paying a higher tax rate than his secretary, continue to take every single deduction he is allowed, to make sure his is not paying a higher tax rate than his secretary?

Should we call white South Africans who become American citizens, African Americans?

Along with the previous question, should we call Hakeem Olajuwan an African American African American?

Why is it called a red line?

When civilization goes from a Mozart piano concerto to an x-rated rap song, can we really say we've developed in music?

Why is it called a foul line in baseball, when if the ball hits that line it is considered to be in fair territory?

Foul pole?

Since most home runs in baseball actually are not hit out of the park, why is there an "inside the park" home run?  Shouldn't it be called an "inside the fence" home run?

Shouldn't president Obama, who said he wasn't going to rest until he found and brought to justice those responsible for Benghazi, be pretty tired by now?

If George Zimmerman, instead of being the defendant in a murder trial, was the judge of a murder trial, would the NY Times have labeled him a "white" Hispanic?

Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street?

Do you miss me now?


88keyman said...

"...who acted more Christian like, the Christian or the Jew?"

What Christian?

Big Mike said...

Well that's a good point keyman :-))