Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monty Python America

Bashar al-Hitler
Let's see.   One day, according to the Obama administration, Bashar al-Assad is a Hitler who gassed his own people, including 400 children.   This violated all "international norms" and a military strike was needed to send a message to him and every other dictator in the world that this inhumane action should not stand without a response.  A military strike, according to the Obama administration, was needed also to protect the credibility of the United States.  A military action was also needed to be a deterrent to other actors in the Middle East, especially Iran, to don't even think about using WMD again. 


Bashar al-Ghandi
Then, literally a few hours later, Assad, I guess has become Ghandi, wanting to turn over his chemical weapons and willing to give peace a chance.   As far as a military response to Assad gassing 400 children and to protect the credibility of the United States, and to be a warning other bad actors in the Middle East, never mind.  Now if al-Assad agrees to turn over his weapons under the control of the international community [Russia?] [which experts say would take years to accomplish], all is forgiven.  This one time Hitler will be de facto legitimized as the leader of Syria, free to continue his dictatorship, with no consequences to his gassing over a thousand, including 400 children.

Whether you are for or against a military strike against Syria, it is the Obama administration that has made the claim that it was needed to preserve the credibility of the United States.  So, according to them, they are voluntarily ceding the credibility of the United States by withdrawing their military plans [for now].  According to the Obama administration, a military strike was needed to let al-Assad know that this kind of violation of "international norms" would not stand without a strong response [i.e., military strike].  So, I guess this sends the message to al-Assad, while you did violate "international norms", all will be forgiven if you agree to give up your chemical weapons and never use them again.  Wow, what a strong message to Iran.  If they dare to nuke Tel Aviv, they will be in big trouble, unless of course, they agree never to nuke them again.

While Barack Obama has been playing checkers in foreign policy, Vladamir Putin has been playing chess. He has just checkmated president Obama.

Welcome to 2013 in America, where we have become a Monty Python skit under our clueless, incompetent president.   Say what you want about president George W Bush, he was a strong leader who, while making mistakes, kept America to be the foemost exceptional country in the world.

Now in Monty Python America, it is "all we are saying, is give al-Assad a chance."


bradley said...

Let's see--- Benghazi was not terror, ok yes it was, and we'll punish the culprits-- oh well never mind

We have a red line for action, oh well never mind I didn't set a red line, congress did

We MUST make Assad pay for his heinous use of WMD, oh well never mind lets just ask him to sacrifice his WMD ( as if verifying that is even possible)

This WH and President is an embarrasing joke, every decision is purely political, damn be what's right for America!


Big Mike said...

Thanks for your comments brother. President Obama, I think by design, is trying to turn the USA into a second rate power. He is succeeding.

Right now, Putin, Syria, Iran and the rest of the bad actors in the world are laughing at us.

Let us just pray we can survive this president and bring America back to greatness with a new president, like we did with replacing Jimmy Carter with Ronald Reagan.