Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Michael Rubin: "Chance of Syria Releasing total WMD List--Between Zero And Nill"

Michael Rubin, senior lecturer and Middle East foreign policy expert with the American Enterprise Institute, was a guest on the Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show on Monday morning. To say that Michael was less than enthusiastic with the possibilities of success of the Russian [Putin] led supposed deal for Syria to destroy all their chemical weapons within a year is an understatement.

President Obama supporters can't accuse Michael Rubin of being some extreme ideologue.  He supported giving the president the authority to use military force in Syria against the Assad regime.  In fact, he thought, like many conservatives, that the president did not, and should not, have gone to congress in order to strike Syria.  Michael Rubin said he became worried though when the president said that he talked to military leaders who said there would be no repercussions in delaying a military strike. The president said those military leaders told him that a military attack was not time sensitive.  Michael Rubin told Bill Bennett, "I'd like to know who those military leaders are."  He didn't say it but I think he feels like I do, that president Obama just made that up.  No military leader worth his salt would say that time didn't matter.  Assad then had the time [and he did] to move his chemical weapons and military assets around.  He also was able to get added military help [assets] from the Russians. 

Bill Bennett asked him what he thought the odds were that Syria will meet it's obligations, under the proposed Russia/UN deal, to turn over a list of all their chemical weapons they have within a week.  Michael Rubin said even if Assad turns over some list, the odds that he will actually turn over a legitimate accounting of all the chemical weapons and locations that he has in Syria within a week are between zero and nill.

You think that would give the Obama administration some consternation.  Actually, it will be meaningless to president Obama [this is my surmising which parallels Michael Rubin's belief].  To quote Michael Rubin, "according to president Obama it is the deal that is paramount and not actually the giving up of the chemical weapons."

So, all in all it looks like this deal initiated by Putin will be unfortunate for America's national security.  Michael said that we could end up with a situation like we had with North Korea where bringing North Korea to the table was the important thing and not the actual results on the ground.

In the Tales opinion it all boils down to this.  To president Obama the deal is a good deal if it takes him off the hook and makes him look good, not whether Syria's chemical weapons are actually brought under control.

Unfortunately, for our country, we are living in an administration where it is all about president Obama, all the time.

Let us pray 2016 isn't too late for our country.


Anonymous said...

it is 2014 that matters most.
we have no clear alternative party line.
mark Levin is the best choice for president that we have. anyway, the 2014 election cycle is the only thing that matters at this time.

Big Mike said...

I love Mark Levin BG! :-)