Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The "Great One's" #1 Best Seller

Although this blog is entitled Tales From A Tribble, which means that I am a big fan of Hugh Hewitt and the Hugh Hewitt radio show, I am also a fan of most of the other conservative talk radio shows and hosts. [ex.,  Dennis Prager, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham].

We conservatives are always told how our ideas are out-dated and not worthy of consideration.  It is also surmised by the "sensitive" "tolerant" left that we are just a bunch of ignorant, red-necked, mind numbed robot hicks.  Hmm, that's funny.  Whenever a book comes out from one of the aforementioned conservative talk show hosts, it almost immediately jumps on the best seller's list.  So, unless there are a lot of liberals buying these books, I guess some of us "red necks" know how to read.  We must have a job too, to be able to pay for these books.  And there must be a lot of us too who are "out-dated"  as those books leap on the best seller lists.

Mark Levin, "the great one", as described by his conservative friends in the media, has just one of those books. "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic"  This book is #1 on the NY Times best seller list and I believe it will be #1 for a long time.  From hearing all the great reviews, I will be purchasing this book.

In The Liberty Amendments, "he [Mark Levin] turns to the founding fathers and the constitution itself for guidance in restoring the American Republic". Mark Levin ends in summarizing this book: "Now is the time for the American people to take the first step toward reclaiming what belongs to them. The task is daunting, but it is imperative if we are to be truly free". In a review by Joanna Danneman, she states " Invoking Article V of the Constitution, which sets out methods for amendments, Levin has proposed a number of changes to term limits, taxation, restoring states' power and more."

There is a great review of The Liberty Amendments in Political Prospect by one of my tribble friends Jack from Manhattan.  Please go there to read.  Jack on twitter is known as @TalkRadio200

Bravo, to the "great one" Mark Levin for not just writing another #1 best seller, but for his never ending effort to help restore this constitutional republic back to its greatness.

If you see the line of people in the following video waiting to get to meet and have Mark Levin sign this new book, it gives you hope that he will succeed in his efforts.  When I saw this video, it really buoyed up my hopes for the future of this country and let me know I am not alone in my hopes.  I know this book is #1, but this line is truly amazing.  This is a line kings and Popes would dream for.  What it tells me, the people not just love and have been moved by "The Liberty Amendments", but they also have love for the man, Mark Levin. 

Thanks to MarkLevinChannel  You-Tube videos for this video:

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