Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz Stands Above All

Repeat Post Update In light of Senator Ted Cruz grabbing the nation by storm with his principled extended filibuster [although technically not called a filibuster],  Tales is repeating this post from August 21, 2013.

Tales has done a couple of posts a couple of years ago about there finally being a man who looked like he could take that Ronald Reagan mantle of explaining and defending conservatism in a clear, understandable common sense way that would bring millions of Americans into the fold.  That man was Senator Marco Rubio, Republican from Florida.  I know he has more than disappointed many conservatives with his recent stance as being the leader of the infamous "gang of eight" immigration [amnesty] bill.  Putting that one issue aside, and I know that is hard to do for many if not most conservatives, there is no doubt that Senator Rubio on most issues is one of the most attractive, articulate spokesman for conservative principles.  But Tales must admit that it has been premature as naming Senator Rubio to be that man [and only man] who could finally take over the Reagan mantle conservatives have been yearning for over these many years.

There is a man who has stormed onto the scene, taking Washington by storm, not just by his soaring rhetoric of conservative principles a la Ronald Reagan style, but actually taking the slings and arrows by putting his principles on the line with votes and stances not seen by many in the US Senate.  And this man is not just a junior senator from his state, he is also just a freshman senator as this is his first term as a US Senator.  That man, of course, is Senator Ted Cruz, from the greatest...I mean the great state of Texas. [My Texas roots almost got the best of me]

Tales now submits that Senator Ted Cruz, and not Senator Marco Rubio, is the next Ronald Reagan.  This is in no way a slap at Senator Marco Rubio, who is still a brilliant orator and a great patriotic American and I believe would still make a great president, but I believe it is reality of who has doggedly taken hold of the leadership of the conservative mantle.

Tales with the future Senator Ted Cruz
The fetching Mrs. B and I were lucky to see Ted Cruz at a Republican Jewish Coalition event early in Mr Cruz' primary run for the Republican nomination to be the US Senator for Texas.  At that time, Ted Cruz was in single digits and what seemed like a long shot to actually gain the Republican nomination.  He told us [without a teleprompter, without notes] how he exactly would get in a runoff then win the primary and then win the general election in a big way.  He did it exactly as he predicted.  He also stated that once he became senator, he would go up to Washington D.C. and in his first term shake things up.  He told us that if he went up there and early on didn't receive any slings and arrows in his back by not taking principled stands that he knew would upset the establishment, then he wasn't doing his job.  He made a promise to us that he would do so.  I think anyone who has followed politics this last year knows that Senator Ted Cruz has kept his word to us.  A politician actually keeping his word, think of that.

Tales is proud to say that this blog "Tales From a Tribble" was the first blog he put on his web site when he was running for senate as a top blog supporting his nomination.  That will always be one of the highlights of the Tales.

Tales will soon do a future post on why Senator Cruz [with his great rhetoric] has convinced it to finally take the stand on principle of joining a grass roots effort to force our will on congress to defund Obamacare.  But on this post I will just ask the Tales readers to please go and sign this petition to defund Obamacare now.

Whether taking on Senator John McCain over the budget or over the Hagel nomination or Senator Dick Durbin on immigration or Senator Diane Feinstein over gun control or the president over state department nominees, no one can deny this man's guts and determination for taking on the Washington establishment and not backing down.  Talk about standing on principle, Senator Ted Cruz stands above all.  This freshman senator has been almost a one man D.C. wrecking crew. 

Senator Ted Cruz was the keynote speaker in Houston on Tuesday morning at the Houstonian Hotel for the HRBC [Houston Reality Business Coalition] breakfast.   Once again he was magnificent giving a riveting speech. [no teleprompter]  This speech was podcast on the KSEV radio's Edd Hendee show.  I don't have a video, but I have this link that if you click on #1 you can hear Senator Cruz' great speech.  He begins his discussion on the need to defund Obamacare at about the 22:30 mark [which you might want to start listening to].  Please listen to the end when he talks about his dad and the influence he has had on his life.

Senator Ted Cruz speech [with an Edd Hendee introduction] at the HRBC breakfast at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas on 8/20/2013. [click on #1]

I should have said Senator Ted "Ronald Reagan" Cruz.

Bravo, Senator Ted Cruz!

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