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Racism Paranoia Syndrome

I am repeating this post because of the most recent comments by the president and the first lady putting out anecdotal evidence they have experienced in this country trying to portray America as an evil racist country.  Hey Barack, while someone may have locked their car door at night when you crossed the street or handed you their keys at a fancy restaurant thinking you were the valet, get over it man.  This is the 21st century and you have been elected the president of the United States, twice.  You should be trying to convey to Americans, especially black Americans, how America is the most just and least racist country in the world.  Of course, that wouldn't meet your divide and conquer political objective, would it? 

If that wasn't bad enough, you have the first lady, Michelle Obama, relating this racist experience she wanted the world to know that she just experienced.  Yes, my friends, racism in America is alive and well.  You better be sitting down when I relate what Michelle had to endure in the year 2014.  Michelle went in a disguise shopping in a Target store the other day.  Are you sitting down?  Well this short white lady, obviously a racist, came up to Michelle and asked her: "Could you please hand me that can on the top shelf."   Oh my God, horrors.  Can you believe the insensitivity of white people.  There you go, another example of evil racism exhibited by a white person or.... does Michelle Obama have what Tales calls:

Racism Paranoia Syndrome - published on August 6, 2013

There is certainly no doubt that America's past is filled with ugly examples of racism and evil actions against black people.  Not just with its history of slavery, but with blatant discrimination on all fronts up until the 1960's.  You had too many places in this county where there were separate bathrooms, separate water fountains, separate schools, separate entrances to dining places, moving to the back of the bus.  You had evil acts of violence and church burnings and lynchings against black people.  No American can deny any of  that.

But no American can also deny the progress since the 1960's America has made in meeting it's founders declaration that America be one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  No one can also deny that the last three + decades America has truly become a just inclusive country for all the people of this great country.  No reasonable person can also deny that America is the greatest country this earth has ever known.  The greatest country for all of the citizens blessed to be called Americans.

In the 1960's and even into the 1970's while there was much progress being made to right the wrongs of the past, there were still pockets of racism and racists in this country.  So, it is understandable that some black people might have seen situations they considered racist that in fact were not.  How could they not with the recent past experiences they had either faced personally or knew that others had faced.  I am calling situations that a black person might consider to be caused by racism, but in reality is not- "racism paranoia syndrome"-the disorder of seeing racism in a situation that has nothing to do with race or seeing a racist in a person who is not a racist.

Here is an example [insignificant as it is].   I remember this anecdote being recounted by police officers in the late '60s.  You had increasing blacks joining the police forces and they had a practice of integrated cops riding together in a police car in the black neighborhoods.  What would happen is, if the white police officer was driving and  the black was riding in the next seat, people from the community would shout out, "hey, what's wrong, you don't think the black officer is good enough to drive?"   Then the next time they could go down the same neighborhood, but this time with the black officer driving and people from the neighborhood would yell out, "So the black cop is the chauffeur, that figures."   Some people actually saw racism in a situation that had nothing to do with race.  Someone had to drive the car.

Mild anecdotes like that, while I  would call them "racism paranoia syndrome", because of the period of time they occurred  [during a period of time with still many injustices occurring], I would say it was  justifiable or understandable racism paranoia syndrome.

In the 1980's and certainly the 1990's that would not be justifiable to see that racism.  During those decades there was too much progress being made and too many laws instituted that protected black people's rights for it to be understandable.  Now we are in the second decade of the twenty first century.  There is no way now that type of  racism paranoia syndrome is acceptable.  In other words, you cannot make excuses for some one or some organization just throwing the word racism around where it does not exist, or accusing a person of being a racist when there is no evidence of that person being a racist.

But indeed recently, there have been way too many cries of racism and bigotry against certain Americans or the country as a whole.  Those cries have been outlandish examples of the racism paranoia syndrome.  When aimed unjustifiably against specific individuals, those calls of racism are not just a form of my term, racism paranoia syndrome, but they are also ugly examples of reverse racism.

Accusing a person of being a racist [who is clearly not-or there is no evidence of that person being a racist] is one of the worst accusations a person can make about another human being.  It is almost as evil as racism itself, as an unfounded accusation of racism against someone, if believed, can ruin that person's life.

One important point I have failed to mention.   This racism paranoia syndrome is not limited to black people, as there are many white liberals who exhibit this form of disorder.

Here are but a few examples of the racism paranoia syndrome running that is getting way out of hand in recent years:

From Reuters:  President George W Bush was called a racist and insensitive toward black people during his response to Hurricane Katrina.

From Fox News in a video from the Daily Caller: "In June 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama told a mostly black audience of ministers that the country's leaders "don't care about" New Orleans residents, suggesting the city was neglected in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina because of institutional racism..."

From  TPM Livewire: "Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights"

From the Globe and Mail: The NAACP passed a resolution accusing the tea party of racism.

From The Washington Times:  "Michael Eric Dyson blames racism for Detroit bankruptcy"

From the Washington Times:  Illinois state Representative Monique Davis talking about so many black youth being murdered in Chicago: "“I’m going to tell you what some suspicions have been, and people have whispered to me: they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children,” Davis said on the Detroit station. “There’s some suspicion - and I don’t want to spread this, but I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been hearing - they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids.

From the Examiner:  " Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) stated that the Tea Party wants to see black Americans “hanging on a tree.”    Check out this great article by Dennis Prager regarding Carson's sickening comments here.

President Obama, saying he didn't know the facts of the situation but still said the Cambridge police acted stupidly [towards a black man]-implying the reason they acted like that was because the person was black.- which you could only interpret that president Obama meant the Cambridge police officers were racist.

President Obama, again not knowing any of the facts of the situation, said that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon.  [implying that Trayvon Martin was shot because he was black] -again which you could only interpret to mean that George Zimmerman was a racist.

From the Gateway Pundit: Natalie Jackson, co-counsel for the Trayvon Martin family said of the almost "all white jury"- "I will submit to you all of them will say that race played no part in this case when we all know that it did."

Just on Monday the iconic TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey on the Today show made the sickening parallel of the Trayvon Martin shooting [by an Hispanic man who was found not guilty because he shot in self defense as he was being assaulted] to the horrific, sickening, racist  Emmitt Till shooting that took place in 1955.   Oprah said: "“In my mind, [they're the] same thing.”   That is really horrible, in my opinion to make that invalid comparison and is a true example of Oprah exhibiting "racism paranoia syndrome."

Yes, racism will probably always exist in very isolated situations, and there will always be racists in the world, black, white, Hispanic and in all races, but those instances of true racism in America have diminished exponentially in America.

Let us hope that one day in America racism paranoia syndrome will similarly diminish to an insignificant number of people. 


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