Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Voting Has Consequences

This post is written from a little frustration of political happenings that appear to be unstoppable.  Byron York, of the Washington Examiner [last Monday] opined on the Bill Bennett radio show about the fate of the Obamacare bill.  On the show, and in articles, Byron said that Republicans are just fooling themselves if they think they can defund Obamacare.  There is not the votes in the Senate [even if enough congressman could pass a continuing resolution without the funds for Obamacare] and the president would shut down the government and veto such a bill, even if we did have enough votes in the Senate.  I agree with Byron York when he says those that think that Obamacare will just fall of its own weight are just fooling themselves. Once the subsidies [cash to 'purchase votes'] go out in January to help pay for Obamacare [Byron says to everyone up to a family of four earning $80,000], it is all over.  Does anyone really think those payments will ever be taken away.  Have we ever had an entitlement in this country that once established was taken away?  

Because of that Byron York said that those who claim that this is the last chance to stop Obamacare are wrong.  Byron said: "The last chance to stop Obamacare was 2012" with the presidential election.  We lost that election and now are facing the consequences.

Yes, we are seeing that elections have consequences.  Dire consequences for the future of this country.  When that statement is made that elections have consequences it is meant to mean that you must weigh carefully your vote, because how you vote will have consequences for our country.

In this last election, I think that truism can also be applied to those that didn't vote.  Studies have shown that there were more than 3 million mostly white middle class conservative voters [i.e., should have been Romney voters] who, forever what reason, sat out the election and didn't vote.  Those non-votes were enough to throw the election to Obama.  If those voters had come out and voted, almost surely most of them would have voted for Romney and given him the election.  

I have been told many reasons why these people didn't vote, but I just don't buy it.  I don't see how any patriotic American who cares about this country could have sat out the last election, when it was so obvious how crucial it was to stop president Obama from getting a second term that was going to be so detrimental to this country and this country's future as a great nation.  I was told Romney wasn't their candidate.  Romney didn't inspire them.  He established Romneycare in MA so even though he said he would eliminate Obamacare, he was the same as Obama.   Romney didn't show enough fire.  Romney wasn't conservative enough.

To all those excuses I just shrug my shoulders and say sheesh.  For any true conservative American who couldn't see a clear difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had to be blinder than Stevie Wonder.  I blame those non-voters even more than the Obama voters for what is going on in this country right now.  They could have made a difference in stopping the devastating effects of a second Obama term in office, but they obviously didn't give a damn.  For those non-voters who are suffering under a second term Obama, I submit you have no right to complain.  You may consider yourselves patriotic Americans but you weren't patriotic enough to get off your buts and vote.  For that we are all suffering the consequences.

Yes, elections have consequences, which means voting has consequences, which also means not voting has consequences.
Note: I am hoping and praying that Byron York is wrong and that we must never give up trying to eliminate Obamacare, but if he is right, that just adds emphasis to the theme of this post.  Even, please God, if we can stop Obamacare in the future, I don't think that takes away from the main point of this post that 'not voting has consequences.' 

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