Monday, August 19, 2013

Interesting Tales From A Canadian Taxi Driver

A good friend from Oregon, Joel-  @Joelmt on twitter, who gave me idea to tell this anecdote in a Tales post.

Last week the fetching Mrs. B and I returned from our great Montreal adventure.  In this post I do not, in any way, want to demean the city or people of Montreal or Canada as we had a wonderful experience there.  They have a beautiful city and the people are very nice.  We also had an interesting and nice taxi driver that took us from the airport to our hotel.  He started a conversation on health care and then we really got into politics.  What was interesting is that from his questions and some of his comments, you could tell he was coming at it from a liberal perspective.  Unlike most of the left in our country, he was very interested in our answers and our comments and didn't just dismiss them out of hand.  He was really listening to what we had to say.  Sorry American liberals but most of you just aren't as tolerant of conservative views as this Canadian liberal was. 

Canadian taxi cab
The taxi driver asked us where we were from and we told him Houston, TX.  "Ah", he said, "Texas." "Where's your cowboy hats, he said laughingly."  Then he asked, weren't we lucky to soon be getting free health care for all.  We said, no.  First of all, we told him it won't be free, and second we weren't looking forward to the government getting control of our health care and in fact we are doing everything we can to make sure Obamacare never happens. "But what about the poor people?" he blurted out. "Don't you want them to get health care too".  We told him no one gets turned away from health care when they really need it, this was about health insurance.  He seemed surprised when we told him that.  We also told him America has the best health care system in the world and we don't want the government to get involved and mess it up.  Then we asked him about health care in Canada, can the people see a doctor when they need to.  Unbelievably, he just happened to have a letter from the Canadian health care board or whatever it was about treatment he needed on his knee that was hurting.  He pulled it down from the sun visor and told us he just received the letter that told him it would be two years or longer before he could see the specialist.  We said, wow two years.  He added quickly-or longer.  We told him that's what we were talking about-we didn't want that in America.  I asked him, couldn't he come to America and get it taken care of.  He said yeah, for the money.  I wish I would have remembered to tell him the joke going around in America from conservatives that if we establish Obamacare, where will Canadians go to get their health care.

Sheralyn told him we are worried that with Obamacare that when you get in your 70s and 80s they will determine that you can do without an operation you might need for financial savings.  She asked the driver if an elderly person in Canada would break their hip, for example, would they get the operation they need.  He said yes they will.  Then he added, and I kid you not, he was not joking when he said this, that everyone gets care, but they might have to wait a couple of years.  Again we emphasized we added that is why we don't want Obamacare in the United States.  We told him millions if not a majority of people in this country don't want to see Obamacare implemented.  He said, yeah but then how did Obama get re-elected, they must have liked him.  We told him about how the mainstream media was in the tank for Obama and covered up for him.  We said that is why we watch Fox News where at least a different point of view is allowed.  He said, oh yeah, Fox News-Bill O'Reilly...and started laughing. 

Then we brought up the different scandals in America--especially the IRS and the Benghazi.  He said that was really a shame that Americans were killed in Benghazi.  He said, "shouldn't they have had some security there to protect them?"   We told him not only wasn't there security there but some soldiers wanted to come and help but they were told to stand down.  This time the taxi man almost jumped out of his seat and said loudly,  "What?"  "That's not American." We told him it didn't used to be America, but that is America under Obama. 

He asked us why weren't the people outraged.  We told him again, "you don't understand, the mainstream media covered up for this guy, and still does."  We told him a lot of us are outraged and that is why we can't wait until this guy is out of the White House and hope we [Republicans] can win the house and senate in the 2014 elections.  We told him, I think you can tell we are conservative Republicans...he laughed and said, yeah, he kind of got that feeling. 

One funny thing, he knew all about Mitt Romney's so-called faults [as portrayed from the liberal perspective]-how he couldn't relate to the people and about his 47% remark, etc.  We told him that Romney got a bad rap, was a good man and he was looking at it only from how the American mainstream media portrayed Romney.  While this Canadian knew all about Romney [from the way Obama portrayed him], he didn't seem to know as much about his own government as Sheralyn asked him when the next Canadian major elections would be-he wasn't sure.

I really believe we got through to him on three points. The fact that no American, or even non citizen for that matter, is denied critical medical care when needed even if they have no money or insurance. The fact that Benghazi was a true outrageous dereliction of duty by the president to protect Americans he put under his command.  And that the mainstream media totally covers-up for Obama and acts like his presidential spokesman instead of like a responsible media being a watchdog of executive abuse. 

About that time we reached our destination at the beautiful Le Crystal Hotel in Montreal.   I gave him an extra large tip for being such a friendly, willing to listen, Canadian liberal.  Although it won't help in America's elections, I think we may have just moved his views a little to the right.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have this kind of exchange of thoughts and ideas with many of my friends and associates.Most of them cut me off with one sentence,'you don't care about the poor, etc or those or just lies.'
I read several newspapers, listen to different points of view and arrive at the same place.
We can (and need) do better!

Big Mike said...

Thanks CG! :-))

Joel said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story! The exchange with the cabbie illustrates two points well: what we don't want in Obamacare (really, two years or longer??) and the bias and power of the MSM in that he did not know about Benghazi but did know Mitt's faults (as you pointed out). I am so glad that you had the conversation. At least he listened, and you and Sheralyn presented a different point of view! Well done!

Big Mike said...

Thank you Joel and thanks for giving me idea to post this.