Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Fund It

Tales has been wavering back and forth on whether or not  the congress should support Senator's Ted Cruz R-TX, Mike Lee, R-UT, and Marco Rubio's, R-FL effort to pass a continuing resolution that funds all of the government but does not fund Obamacare.   With such great conservative stalwarts like Senator's Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in favor and equally as great conservatives as Hugh Hewitt and Charles Krauthammer against the idea, this has been a dilemma for the Tales.  What also makes it not a slam dunk case is the knowledge that, because of the partisan breakdown in the Senate, this effort will surely fail. 

Senator Ted Cruz recent speech in Houston a couple of days ago has tipped the scales for "the Tales".  Tales now supports the effort to defund Obamacare.

It's time to stand up John
While the Senate does not have the numbers to pass such a continuing resolution [without Obamacare funding] the House does.  While everyone keeps saying, the president was re-elected, so the people gave their approval of Obamacare in their votes, people forget that those same people voted in favor of a GOP House, with the knowledge that they would try to end Obamacare.  The members in the House should listen to the people [their voice they gave through their votes] and pass a continuing resolution that funds all of goverment but specifically eliminates giving one cent to fund Obamacare.  It is up to the GOP House to honor the people who entrusted them with their votes to specifically defund Obamacare.  They cannot look to the Senate for direction [or for lack of action] but they must be the true representatives of the people [in their districts].  Plus how can Speaker Boehner and the GOP house members use as an excuse that they shouldn't include the defunding of Obamacare in the continuing resolution because it won't pass in the Senate.  If that was true, why the hell did they send all those other bills [including ending Obamacare] to the Senate?  They knew those bills wouldn't be passed in that chamber either.  If Speaker Boehner only allowed legislation to go through the House that he knows will pass the US Senate then he may as well resign or he may as well become a Democrat. 

One thing passing the bill in the House will do is to make the Democrats who barely won election in 2012 vulnerable in 2014 if they do not support a defunding Obamacare continuing resolution.  Also, by passing the bill in the House, even when rejected by the Senate, this puts the Republicans on record as continuing their opposition to Obamacare and it will not only inspire the base but it will help them tremendously in the 2014 elections.

When the bill goes to the Senate, one of two things will happen.  Either Senate majority leader Harry Reid allows a vote on the continuing resolution knowing it will fail.  That would be the best case scenario as that would put those vulnerable Democrats from Red States who are up for re-election in 2014 in a dilemma of voting against what the people want them to do or voting for the resolution and embarrass the president and also give momentum to the repealing of Obamacare.  So, that is why Reid will probably not allow a vote on the House bill.  Instead, the Democrats would pass their own continuing resolution funding all of the government, including Obamacare, in which case it would go to a conference committee.

In the conference committee one of two things will happen, and I submit neither of which are bad for the GOP.  While of course, the senators in the conference committee will never allow a defunding of Obamacare, it is possible [but not probable] that there could be a compromise, like a one year suspension of the individual mandate to go along with the suspension of the employer mandate.  That would be a good thing, but probably won't happen.  The other possibility is that the senate continuing resolution is approved, which means the government won't be shut down and the Republicans won't be blamed.  But even in that scenario, the GOP House will have gone on record of defunding Obamacare and many of the US Senators will have voted for it too.  I submit that would inspire the base, that at least they tried and showed they will continue to try in the future and that will help them not only retain the House but win the Senate in 2014.

For those reasons, even though it is almost certain that the US Senate cannot pass a continuing resolution that doesn't include funding for Obamacare, Tales is urging the House to stand strong and vote for a continuing resolution that funds all of the government except Obamacare.  Make us proud, John Boehner and stand tall.  Don't be a French Republican and deflate the conservatives [your base-whether you want us or not].

Please everyone, it takes less than a minute to go to Senator Ted Cruz' site Don't Fund It and sign the petition urging the congress to defund Obamacare.  As the great senator from Texas says, if it is left up to Washington D.C., we don't have a chance.  This must be a grass roots effort, the same grass roots effort that propelled Senator Cruz from single digits early in the primary season to an overwhelming victory as Senator from the great state of Texas.

Here is Senator Ted Cruz on Greta's "On the Record" show talking about the grass roots effort needed to defund Obmacare:

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