Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Comparisons of Same Sex Marriage That I Hope Ends

I am personally in favor of traditional marriage and in keeping the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  That is not what this post will be about.  This post is an attempt to discredit two arguments that are made pro and con of gay marriage. 

Tales appeals for both sides to stop using the following two comparisons.

1. For those that believe in traditional marriage and not changing its definition, please stop saying 'if gays are allowed to marry that will lead to a man being able to marry his dog or another animal'.   That argument is stupid, disgusting and is insulting not just to gay people but to all people.  That kind of talk, besides being outrageously ignorant, is truly bigoted and hateful toward gays.  It is also stupid for a person to bring up that argument because then anything else that person would say will be rightfully discounted. 

If the definition of marriage is ever changed for the entire nation, then it would not be out of line to wonder if that wouldn't lead for polygamy to be ruled constitutional.   But it is stupid, wrong, and hateful to inject bestiality.  

2. For those who support same sex marriage, please stop comparing same sex marriage to inter-racial marriage.  The fetching Sheralyn and I have an inter-racial marriage and we have been happily married for  31 years.

Who is that guy with the fetching Sheralyn?  :-)

For thousands of years civilized people have recognized that marriage is between a man and a woman.  So, to not allow two people of the opposite sex to marry because they are of a different race is out and out hateful bigotry.  That is in no way comparable to people of the same sex marrying.  Two people of the same sex marrying completely changes the traditional definition of marriage.  So, those millions of Americans who want America or their states to continue the traditional definition of marriage can in no way be labeled bigots like those who oppose inter-racial marriage can be.

Now if two people of the opposite sex were not allowed to marry because either the man was gay or the woman was a lesbian, then that would be bigotry against the gay man or lesbian woman in the same way as it is bigotry against the two people in an inter-racial marriage. 

Also, some try to compare gays marrying to inter-racial couples marrying saying that they are both recent phenomena.   They will say there has been bigotry against inter-racial marriages but they finally have finally been accepted so that it is now time for gay marriages to also be accepted.  But that statement is not true.   Inter-racial marriage has been recognized, legitimate, and accepted almost everywhere since biblical times and throughout history.  That is not the case of the modern gay marriage phenomenon.  The sanction or legitimacy of two people of the same sex marrying is a completely new development. 

So, my hope is that everyone will stop comparing gay marriage to bestiality and or inter-racial marriage.


bradley said...

Great points, an objective un-biased analysis of the 2 sides--- I have experienced gay couples being superb loving parents and monogomously committed partners, being so happy and on the other hand married traditional couples showing cheating, infedelity, and terrible parents--given that i see no problem with accepting gay marriage across the union, but i DO respect your honest opinion.

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother!! And I respect your honest heart felt opinion too.
Thanks Brad and I really appreciate you expressing it here!!
Love you, brother!

Anonymous said...

I was always a supporter of the civil union solution. I find little value in rewriting history to equating a same sex relationship as a "marriage". It's a cynical political ploy manipulating the hopes and dreams of acceptance held by Gay couples. They, like everyone, only want a life like mommy and daddy. But forcing a change in a definition in order to pretend the culture has changed is wrong.

Big Mike said...

I agree with you anonymous in the civil union solution - as I believe does Elton John.
Good comments- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'll probably get in trouble here :) I see gay marriage as a symptom of the problems with marriage, not as a cause. The failures of marriage are the failures to be responsible for our children. High divorce rates lead to this (I think I respectfully disagree with Prager on this) High out of wedlock birth rates lead to this. Our Fatherless children are the victims of the failure of marriage.

And I don't see how gay marriage solves or even addresses either of these problems.

Big Mike said...

That's an interesting different and good take on situation DBS!
You shouldn't get in trouble for your dignified beliefs that makes everyone think.