Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rafael Cruz Stirring Speech For Freedom

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US Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX
My wife and I were honored to be in attendance at a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Houston that featured Ted Cruz who was in the early stages of his campaign for United States Senator from Texas. This was during the primary campaign when it looked like Senator Cruz [now] was a real long shot to win the nomination.  During his talk [I cannot describe it as a speech as he gave it with no notes, no podium, no teleprompter-and was just speaking to us from his heart] he let us know his pride, thankfulness and love for his father, Rafael who grew up during the oppressive Cuba regime and the time of the Castro revolution.

Rafael Cruz
What his father had to go through under the tyrannical Cuba [imprisonment and torture] in the early days of Fidel Castro and to be able to come to America on a student visa to what Rafael describes as the greatest country on the face of the earth was really inspiring.  To think of the pride that Rafael must have had to see his son inaugurated as a United States Senator is truly heart warming.

Conservative videos sent out this video of Rafael Cruz great speech during a Freedom's Works "Free the People" event.  This is stirring rhetoric for freedom and for the love of America and recognizing this great country was inspired by God through our patriotic framers. 

Here is a partial video of the father of Ted Cruz' great speech at a Freedom Works event.

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bradley said...

His comparing obama to early days of Castro is very eerie, and cocnstent with the attitude and agenda of obama! Will this country learn from idividuals like this, i'm afraid it won't, as blind support for obama without regards to the facts, and ignorance of news thanks to MSM will continue to sway the public at large---very scary for thr future of freedom.

Big Mike said...

I'm afraid for our country too, that it won't learn from great patriots like this. God Bless brother!