Monday, July 29, 2013

Hopefully, the Final Word on the Zimmerman Trial

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It looks like finally all the heated divisive rhetoric coming out of the George Zimmerman trial, aided and abetted this president and attorney general, is coming to a close.  Let us hope so.  I am doing what I hope will be the last Tales post on this discussion.  Some of  the irresponsible civil rights leaders have shamelessly tried to compare George Zimmerman's shooting of Trayvon Martin in self defense to the Emmitt Till lynching, one of the worst episodes of racial bigotry in American history.  That is sickening as it demeans Emmitt Till's memory.  That is the reason I want to do this final post on the Zimmerman case.   I believe, like Bill Whittle in this video, that the real attempt at lynching was done by the main stream media of George Zimmerman.  I know that is politically incorrect to say, but it is still going on today as we see how ABC news has edited words of the latest George Zimmerman juror to come out.  Oh, yes, the minority juror.  I guess to be accurate in this main stream media fantasy world, we must call her the "black" Hispanic juror.  Oh, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whatever happened to the all white jury, you kept crying out in your hate speech?

One of the "white" jurors in the all white jury

Maybe, that is why you are quiet now about this juror.  Her non white race blasts holes in your lying demagoguery of an [racist] all white jury.  

Here is Bill Whittle in the lynching--the real one done by the main stream media, this administration, and the race peddlers. 

The Lynching:


Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarity on this issue, Michael. It may be the last post of "Tales," but Hugh was wrong (I knew it at the time) when he said he would not talk about Zimmerman case again. He talked about it the very next week. Why? Obama injected himself into the issue. Conclusion: You & I & Hugh etc. are compelled to follow the phony agenda as set by the moral morons in the "enemedia" (Pamela Geller's coinage). They control the agenda of lies and we must reply, even when the REAL issues are Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare, NSA tapping all Americans, etc. God bless you, my friend!!

Big Mike said...

and God Bless you Balladeer! thanks for your kind comments